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Let's show Dave we stand behind him, and unite to raise money to help him to continue to fight against cancer! Please show your support!!

We want to thank all our family and friends during this difficult time in our lives.

Dave was diagnosed on July 9, 2012 with Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Earlier that year Dave had contributed the growing pain in his mouth, mostly his tongue to a broken tooth where his tongue constantly rubbed against. He did see a couple of doctors, including a dentist who filed down the tooth. Much to his wife's dismay no one ordered him a biopsy or indicated it could be more dangerous than an infection. Finally, the pain was too much and Dave went to see a ENT (ear,nose and throat specialist). A Biopsy & PET scan confirmed that it was cancer and, also revealed it had spread to a lymph node in his neck.

On July 13, 2012 Dave under went surgery to remove 50% of his tongue and all lymph nodes
on the left side of his neck. Just 4 days later, the family celebrated Dave turning 40. Dave has stage 4 cancer and has been undergoing intense and aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.

This has not been an easy road for Dave with every new day comes a new pain, a new loss, a new side affect, a new question. He has become so weak that getting out of bed is near impossible, every combination of medicine seems to increase his discomfort and nausea which is a bad cycle to maintain weight. About half way through his treatment, he was hospitalized for two days for insertion of a feeding tube. Although he protested this, it will be a key to aide in his recovery, as he has trouble swallowing, chewing and even talking.

Dave and Tammy have four young children Lily is 7, Kinsey is 5, Olive is 4 and their son, Racer is 18 months. The thing that has been the hardest is his absence. He no longer can eat dinner with his family, fly planes with his son, take his daughters on a bike ride. He misses all the school functions, ice cream store visits, and even the simple things, like a new word Racer says, or that Kinsey can tie her shoes.

This family desperately wants their Daddy to be healthy again. He was the soul provider for the family, financially, but more so was the back bone of the family, he was a very involved father always choosing to be with his children, teaching, playing and involving them in his hobbies and interests, never making them feel second to anything he was doing. Lily was using a screwdriver and hammer before she could walk! There is no love that quite compares to the love a daddy has for his daughter! Olive has been around the most to see the anguish, she can often be seen rubbing her daddy's arm , kissing his hand telling him I love you, daddy.

Dave is nearing the end of his treatment and has lost nearly 65 lbs and the ability to even stand without toppling over. He is a fighter, a warrior and soon to be survivor but, will still be unable to work until the family receives the good news that he is cancer free, and strong again. It will be
another 3 to 4 months before they will see the light again.

"We are Fighters, We are Faulkners, We are Family"

Loving and devoted wife,
Tamara Faulkner
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