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We are trying to help Melissa Get the care she needs after a work injury. Work is refusing to cover she does not want to ask for help.

**Update since Melissa has been seeing a Chiropractor and also still doing the pt massage and stretching her shoulder she has been doing a little bit better. Its going to take time but we are noticing small improvements, The problem here is she is still working part time and making if lucky 150 a week(on top of that her boss has not been able to pay her in 3 weeks owes her 1,000 dollars! She is staying for the kids because they need her. ) ( WORKMANS COMP HAS NOT SENT A CHECK IN OVER A YEAR!) each chiro session is 40 and she gets that twice a week and her Pt Massage is 80 a week sometimes she really should go twice which means she is drastically falling behind on her bills. If her medical bills were taken care of then she would not have to worry. She is afraid that her car will be taken away and her phone and then what will she do about the kids. So please keep helping we need it! We can even send receipts from the drs office visits if you want! We just worry because she missed an appointment and had such a bad migraine that it took her out for two days she did not even know what day it was or what she missed... i don't want her going through that**

My Friend has been battling with a work injury for a year and a half.She had been hurting for awhile due to her job duties complained and was told that she was fine. A few months later She was pulled by a dog while at work and filed a claim. Her work actually denied her medical care and told her that she could not go to the dr. By the time she had gone she had whiplash , bulging disks and possible torn rotator cuff. Because of waiting so long for medical care this just added to the problems. Pain has been getting worse each day along with what she cant do. She can not get insurance because she has a workman comp claim out and right now work is refusing to pay for anything. They are still fighting and trying to go to court. She is a nanny part time for 4 special needs children that need her more than anything. She has been with them for 3 years and she cant go back full time till she is better or use her gift to help animals as well. In the mean time she needs a MRI which has been put on hold no one will do it with out payment and her dr refused to give a deposition. The lawyer has never seen that happen before. The DR refused to comment or give an opinion at all on her case.. which puts them at a dead end.. She is giving up because she feels like her lawyer is. She needs physical therapy to help manage the pain and scar tissue that is developing. She also has been having the bulging discs looked at as well for they have been causing excruciating migraines. She has found ways of managing the pain but cant afford the Doctor visits . She loves working with children and animals and has lost so much over the past year and a half. She never wants to ask for help she is use to putting everyone else first and helping everyone one else. She acts like she is ok and not in pain because she does not want people to worry but the only way she can keep getting the medical care is to ask for help .Thankfully what she is doing now each week is helping the pain and managing it. Her Medical care each week is around 150 in itself so any money she is able to make working goes to Medical care they also want over a thousand for the MRI. If we can even get half way there they may give her the MRI so she can find out if she needs surgery. if she needs surgery thats a whole new task in itself . If workman's comp did settle she would be more than happy to pay people back ..Thats the kind of person she is. She has helped many people in need in the past and always tries to help people and give to charities She deserves help she is a good person.She believes that everything happens for a reason I believe that no one should have to go through pain like this

If you Feel more Comfortable sending a Money order or check feel free to send it to
Melissa Stubblefield
6902 Monmouth Dr,joliet,il,60431

Thank you again
Carl Sychowski
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