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Alvin's parents are raising money to give him a voice! He is an almost 4 year old with NF1, CAS, and suspected Aspeberger's.

Alvin is a sweet loving boy, with several medical issues. He has neurofibromatosis Type 1, Childhood Apraxia of Speech and suspected Aspberger's (high functioning form of autism). Because of the NF, Alvin has hundreds of UBOs (unidentified bright objects) and 3 gliomas (tumors) in his brain. Alvin has had many medical exams and treatments, including MRIs, EEGs, EKGs, biopsies, etc. There is no treatment or cure for NF, but there are therapies for the apraxia.

Alvin is almost 4 years old, but he is the size of an average 2 year old. His developmental age is that of a 1 year, 11 month old. His expressive language is far worse. He is the equivalent of a 16 month old child. He has few words, and those that he does have are approximations of words. Ie, "Daddy" is "ah-ee". His speech pathologist has recommend Alvin get an AAC or an augumentive and alternative communication device. The most popular one is called Dynavox, though the current trend is to use an iPad and several different AAC apps to create a perfect blend of applications to give a non-verbal child a voice.

Our insurance will NOT cover any expenses related to apraxia. All his therapy is coming from the wonderful special needs preschool he attends. So, please, help us help to give Alvin a voice!

NOTE: This is a fundraiser to help purchase Alvin AAC and other apps for his iPad that was so graciously donated. Or, should the donations be great enough, a Dynavox.
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