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This is the DogCareHarleySupport fund to get my loving dog walking again through pelvic surgery after getting hit by a speeding truck.

My loving mix labrador/retriever Harley, whom I've had for 3 years, was hit 2 nights ago by a truck that was speeding in a small neighborhood street. I took her out to potty and another dog came out and spooked her to the street where the truck hit her and didn't try to slow down or stop. I rushed her inside my home and called the after hours vet office and was told that it was going to be $200 to just see her which I couldn't afford because I recently lost my job so I didn't know what to do. I am not having any luck at this moment but I am still searching. I called my boyfriend, who is not an animal lover, and told him what had just happened and I didn't know what to do. He offered to pay for the vet visit but when I called back, it was to late. I made her comfortable and stayed by her side overnight. We were able to take her to the vets office the next morning. The vet Dr. explained to us that her organs and her nerve system seemed to be ok, and that all she had was a pelvic fracture, which could properly be fixed by surgery. My boyfriend was able to pay for the $424 vet visit and exams, but we would not be able to pay for a surgery that is in the thousands. I don't have a job right now, but I would really want to get Harley the surgery if that is the only problem she has, but I can not afford it and it is a procedure that needs to be done soon. I really don't want to put her to sleep if all that is wrong is a fracture that could be fixed. She is a good loving dog. She has never been violent or has attacked anyone. I would really love to give her a second chance to life if I could get the help. I do understand though, that there is a possibility of self reconstruction of the pelvic if she has several weeks of kennel rest, but I was told that the position the pelvic is in would only cause and create more stress, pain and problems in the future if it is not fixed by surgery. I would not want to put her through life long going suffer if I could not get her fixed. She wont be able to potty properly either. The vet Dr. did explain that if the surgery was done later, that the surgeon would have to re-break the pelvic bone to repair the damage. .... I really hope I can get her the surgery sooner than later.
I have a way to get the money for the surgery that needs to be done soon, but the only way I can get it is if I can pay it back soon .... Im asking for help through this fundraiser. Since I still dont have a job, this is the only way I can guarantee to pay it back. If you all can help me with at least half of the amount, I will be able to get the lend once I know I can pay half of it back. Both Harley and I would really appreciate any and all the help I can get to keep my Harley in the family .. Thank you so much for taking time in reading our issue.
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