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My loving father needs help to raise money to support him through his toughest battle in life with Frontal Temporal Dementia. Please help!

For all of us, the bitter sweet part of life is when we have to depart. My father, Stan Brooks, is now embarking on the final chapter of his life.

Stan Brooks was born in Denver, CO in 1943. He lived his life as a devoted father and hard working home builder. While trying to make a life for his family, he saw good times and bad times in business, but he never gave up. He started a successful company at a young age in home building. He supported all of his family through college and made his lifes work to support his family.

In 2007, he was leading a team to build low income housing units in Boulder CO. His project was to be supported by the infamous "Fannie Mae". Like many corrupt banks, they backed out leaving him with no option but to foreclose on everything in his life. At the same time that he lost his house and life savings he started showing signs of dementia, but as many people with this disease he was diagnosed with depression, not dementia. His wife of 15 years could no longer deal with his increasing depressed state and changing mood swings and 2 years ago filed divorce not knowing exactly what was wrong with him medically.  

As his son, I am trying everything I can to support him and my family, but it isn't enough. As the disease progressed an old high school girlfriend of his befriended him and took him in and is doing her best to support him financially and take care of him. He was recently finally diagnosed with frontal lobe dementia, which is an ireversable disease with a terminal outcome. Not only did he loose all worldly possessions and wife, he is now loosing his mind. His caretaker is in financial distress as well and her family has made it apparent that she can no longer support him financially and she must let him go.  

Both seniors, and no where else to turn they are being forced out of their home.  For Jackie, she is stuborn and will not leave his side and is doing everything she can to help, but it is becoming impossible to stay afloat.  This maybe the most selfless thing anyone can do, and she is a hero in my mind.

As his son, I am the only option for help and I don't have the financial capability to pay for his exorbudant care. I have 1 little kid and another on the way.  As is the case with many Americans today, we are struggling to keep food on the table and a roof over our head.  We will continue to do everything we can, but with no longterm care and a government that really has few options for us, I don't know who else to lean on.  He will soon need to be admitted to a 24 hour care facility, and the cost for the first year is $36,000.  He has social security that will pay for 1/3 of the fees, but I need to come up with the remaining $24,000 for the first year.   

In a final desperation he had to sell his grand mothers wedding ring to help pay for hearing aids so that he can hear us.  There is little he can do to support himself, and little we can do as a family to pay for caretaking.

We don't know where else to go and don't know how to help him be comfortable and supported medically through his final days here on earth. His disease has now taken everything from him and he needs help. We don't know where else to turn and we are looking for any help we can to help him live out his final days.

When I asked him how it feels to live like you are dieing he responded, "we are only here a short time, and none of us are getting out of here alive. I hope I taught you how to be a great person, and I love you. I refuse to give up and god has a way of helping us through our toughest days. It's the shits getting old (giggle)!"

My father is a good man and could use some help.  Nobody deserves to go through this painful disease, and everyone deserves to die in peace and be loved.


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