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Raising money for fathers who deserve to have their children in their custody.

Many men in today’s economy seem to get messed with when it comes to financial responsibilities. In Washington State alone, men are getting passed over many times for custody of their children when the children would be better off with them than with the mother. I personally have witnessed countless times, men going through divorce and not being able to afford attorneys due to paying bills and other responsibilities such as current ongoing child support, even when unemployed. This has hit home for many families, and the fathers and children suffer because their representation is usually limited and often not heard to the fullest extent as it should be.


I for one have been through the procedures, after having my two sons in my sole custody for five years, due to their mother leaving us in 2005. In 2010 she came back into our lives after “experiencing life” (as she stated) which involved drugs and several verifiable criminal charges. I survived without child support, often taking miscellaneous jobs just to keep up with the daily needs and care for my boys. This, as well as paying for their therapy sessions for abandonment issues, I dealt daily with them on the emotional level and reassurance. She came back and went to court claiming outrageous accusations, bringing in my Marine Corps background, and supposedly serving me a court summons to appear. It was in June of 2010 that police came knocking on my door serving me paperwork that awarded full custody to her and with a protection order against me. Long story short… I felt I had gotten cheated with the system, and my ex-wife’s cries were heard by the courts however mine were not. I had recently become unemployed and sought counseling myself due to stress and the loss of my children. Child support began to hit home and affected my unemployment checks as well, making it harder for me to survive the bills racking up more and more while seeking further counseling. With this, I alone could not afford an attorney to defend me in the courts and felt ashamed that I let my children down, and could not ask family for help. She has since left the state with my children as well as cut communication between them and my family. I couldn’t afford a private investigator to find much out or me on their whereabouts, and due to lack of funding getting an attorney has been difficult. However it is now 2012 and I have since gained employment again, and am slowly building back up to where I can track her down and fight for my sons back.


Though this is just an abbreviated version of my personal story, with plenty in between left out, the reasons for this fundraising is to help those fathers out who are true and wanting to have custody of their children. I want to raise the funds to help with attorney fees to help fathers fight for their children, receive proper counseling when needed, and to help them obtain a sanctuary to provide for and protecting their connection with their children in times of need. Mothers seem too often get an unfair advantage at times when they need it, and fathers often get the short end of the stick and do not know or have the means to help themselves or are too embarrassed publicly. This foundation would restore a little hope for good fathers to be able to afford representation and have a start so they don’t lose their children in such manners that seem to favor the mother. 'Protect Dads Rights' is a new upcoming organization to help with custody disputes and issues that may arise, and provide legal advice and support for representation.






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