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To EMT'S, and anyone who has been in this field please give to a fellow EMT who had also given all these years and saved lives.

March 8th: We will be ending this fundraiser in a week the judge gave an week to extend it, I have changed the amount to 5,000 to see if we can reach this in a week so that my mom can get a nurse to take care of my Step Father so she can look for a job as well as so they can stay in there home. As for Jeff he is not doing well he is in a lot of pain and is extremely tire from Dialysis. Here is a quote from him "IT HAS BEEN 2 MORE WEEKS ON DIALYSIS THEY HAVE INCREASED MY TREATMENTS TO 4 HOURS A DAY 4 TIMES A WEEK AFTER EVERY TREATMENT I FEEL LIKE SOMEBODY JUST KICKED MY BUTT,AND I WONDER IS THERE TRULY A GOD I MEAN TO PUT PEOPLE THROUGH THIS IT IS BEYOND ROUGH. I REALIZE THAT IN THE OVERALL SCHEME OF THINGS EITHER DO THE TREATMENTS OR DYE, SO I KEEP PUSHING EVERYDAY.

February 28th: Just wanted to let everyone know that its my Step Father and Mothers Wedding anniversary today and hope that with everyone's help we can give them the present of keeping there home. Here is a link to a blog to follow my Step Fathers Updates
February 24th Update:
Hi everyone we are hoping if every person and Emt gave $5 donation we will have enough by March 3rd when my mom has to go back to court. As per Jeffs status he is not doing well the dialysis is not working so they have to add a fourth day of which he has to get dialysis for a total of 12 hours per week now. We can't afford a kidney transplant and there is a log wait so we hope that the fourth day helps because he is at a very bad point of his life on 47 years old and very upset he said he still can't even sleep. Knowing they don't have enough money is getting him more upset over the fact he is very sick. Plus he has an infection when he gets the dialysis so they had to make another port. Such a sad thing to happen to a great guy.

We are hoping to raise 5,000 by March in order to keep my mother and Step father in there home. Any denomination will help. My Step father is very appreciative and always was a giver when he was healthy
Also please keep them in your prayers..

I am a Mother of two children which dearly love their Grandfather Jeff with all there hearts.I always have a tear in my eyes when I see there reactions each time they see my stepfather as he giggles and plays around with them. As he sits on his scooter which is his primary place to be spending his time he takes rides with my mother to the stores. In this frigid time with his anemia he usually shivers and has to be given oxygen an many layers to keep stable. I have know Jeff for fifteen years now and I have never met such a kind hear ted man which would give anything if he had it, when he was working as an EMT at Trans Care or giving his spare time as a volunteer EMT he would drive around and come by to help me with a ride or go grocery shopping. He has no family except for his two brothers which one them are very sick as well and this is the least I can do for him. He is only 47 years old and hopefully can live to see my kids grow up. He has started his illnesses in 1999 when he had Hodgkin s Lymphoma and with the many doses of chemo and radiation he thankfully fought it except for the fact that damage was done to his heart. Since then he has had Five heart attacks, 13 stents to keep his arteries open to his heart and congestive heart failure as well as vascular disease. Throughout all of his struggles and battles to be a fighter he has had his leg amputated in 2009 due to a skin infection from diabetes, now a fighter once a rescuer as an EMT I am looking for anyone to help my Mother and Stepfather so they do not get evicted from there home. They had feel behind since my mother had lost her job due to having to be a care giver to her husband. They recently found out that he had renal (Kidney) failure and they have to wait three times a week for access arise to pick them up to take Jeff for Dialysis as my Mother sits by his side for three in a half hours and if it weren't for her giving him his 12 medications a day and helping him get to doctors I don't think he would be with us now. Like I said it has been a long windy road for Jeff, he has only us and not even a Mother or a father to hold his hand through these hard times as he had to fend for himself since the age of fourteen as he seen his Mother pass away from the same sickness as himself from kidney failure and his dad passed away also that same year from a brain tumor.If I could get money to help them then they can stay living at there home and they can get a nurse to help so my mom can find a job. Donations can also be sent to Jeffrey Steiman 219-34 75th Avenue Bayside, NY 11364
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