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Getting Katie healthy! Katie has Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS).

 Katie has POTS.  What is POTS?  It's an autonomic nervous system disorder that affects her daily living.  The biggest thing that's hurting her now is that she passes out just from being upright... she's fallen and ended up with so many injuries because of this disease.  There are no doctors in our state that have enough knowledge of her disease to help treat her... any doctors that do know anything about POTS say that she is the most severe case they've ever seen.

Katie's other symptoms keep her dehydrated, exhausted, in constant pain, with an average cognitive ability comparable to someone with senile dementia.  Senile dementia... in a 20 year old girl.  She's required constant supervision from her fiance, David, who has had to quit his job to care for her, and is now organizing and promoting this fundraiser for her.

Hope is now in sight!  Katie has found a team of specialists in Los Angeles, CA who are eagerly awaiting her arrival.  She is going to be flying out Tuesday, April 27th, with just enough money for food, living off of the kindness of others.  She needs help paying for medical expenses including testing, treatment options, medical equipment, possibly even hospital stays.  She also needs help with everyday living expenses: rent and utilities, phone and internet service to stay connected with her doctors and the community, food, and the mounds of debt that have been wracked up due to her illness.  Finally, because the medical testing is going to be very extensive, Katie and David are moving to LA for as long as needed to get her healthy, and they need help with moving expenses.

This current fundraiser is to help with those moving expenses first, followed by medical equipment, rent/utilities, food, and bills.  A second, longer-running fundraiser will begin for her continued care afterwards.

More about Katie:  Katie is a wonderful, generous girl who's life has been cut short by a little-known disease.  Once a frequent volunteer at kids camps, church camps and outreach programs, homeless shelters, tutoring, and community clean-up projects, she's found that she is now the one needing help.  She was briefly a member of the Portland Youth Philharmonic, with the potential of becoming one of the best trumpet players in Oregon today, until POTS took her breath away.  Literally.  She enjoyed learning about dog training with her beautiful black labrador retriever, Happy, and just started working with him for search & rescue and agility competitions last year before her symptoms got worse.  She is currently attending community college through online classes, and plans on majoring in Law, with a minor in American Sign Language and Psychology.  She enjoys knitting, writing her life-story memoirs, drawing, watching movies on Netflix, and receiving sunflowers from her wonderful fiance.  She has been confined to bedrest for most of 2010, and can't wait to be able to walk around without passing out.  She also looks forward to a ground-floor apartment.


We've had requests from people wanting to make non-electronic donations.  For those who don't feel comfortable making an internet donation, please contact us at to make arrangements.  This is the official fundraiser email address, so you are also welcome to direct any questions, comments, or suggestions that way too.



Katie is in LA now, but her condition is worsening.  For the moment, she has a safe place to live, she has state insurance, and she has money for basic necessities.  While I am unable to join her down there and provide any form of caregiving, I'm still able to do what I can.  I've started back up at my old job working full-time graveyards, I'm looking for a new place to stay, and I'm working double-time to promote this fundraiser.  Towards the end of summer, we're planning on taking Katie out to Mayo Clinic to get a full range of testing done and set up some form of long-term treatment plan.  You'll notice that the fundraiser goals have raised to $10,000 to reflect this change in plans.  Every little bit helps.  Every donation you can make helps.  Even if you can only give $1, it helps.

Thank you again, everyone, for your kind words, your prayers, and your support!

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