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Chris and Jessica Hayes are raising money to cover the cost of an emergency surgery for their beloved 6 month-old puppy, Murphy

A couple of months ago, we brought home our beautiful puppy, Murphy McGuinness. We were initially nervous about raising our first puppy, but it has been an easy experience because she is so loving, sweet, and eager to please. Of course she has her occasional moments of craziness, but 95% of the time she is super mellow and is content to just be with us, whatever we are doing (whether it's long car trips, hiking, camping, or just hanging out at home). She has integrated into our lives very easily, and now we cannot imagine our home without her. Because Murphy has such a loving and sweet nature, and is very interested in people, we would like to train her as a therapy dog when she gets a bit older. We want to share with others some of the joy that she brings to our lives.

We care for Murphy so much, and because we are on an extremely tight budget, we decided to get pet insurance for Murphy. In the event that something happened (which we hoped wouldn't be for many years), we didn't want to have to make medical decisions for Murphy based on our bank account. We met Steve Siadek, one of the Co-Founders for Healthy Paws Pet Insurance, while in Bend, Oregon a few months ago. We had already done quite a bit of research on insurance plans, and HP had the best plans AND the highest customer satisfaction ratings. Also, we were very impressed with Steve and the company's mission. We purchased coverage for Murphy on June 12, 2012. Unfortunately for us (and Murphy) there was a state mandated 15-day waiting period before the coverage started.

On June 26th, Murphy ate a corn cob, which can be very dangerous since dogs cannot digest them. Even though we were still in the final days of our waiting period, we took her to our emergency animal hospital, to be sure she was safe, and to take care of any potential problems as early as possible. The doctor took some X-rays and made Murphy throw up the corn cob chunks, and as far as everyone knew, the problem had been solved. About a week later, Murphy became extremely ill. For the first time ever, she refused food, and we realized that she was displaying symptoms of an obstruction; a chunk of the corn cob had become stuck in her small intestine, making it impossible for anything to get through. We rushed to the hospital to have it removed before her her intestine became gangrenous. We were incredibly worried about her, and wanted to do anything we could to get her healthy as soon as possible.

Thankfully, the surgery went well, and Murphy came home after spending a couple of days recovering at the hospital. We are thrilled that Murphy came through just fine and is healing very nicely at home now. However...

Our bill totaled more than $4,000.

Without a doubt, the most important thing to us is that Murphy is going to be fine and we can look forward to many great years together. That said, we are very worried about how we are going to pay for this. We are requesting help in any amount.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story!
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