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Uniting to save a family member, not a person but our dog, Brooklynn <3

My name is Brookenand I live in Oak Harbor, Ohio. On December 26th my dog Brooklynn was hit by a car who then kept on driving.

I was at work when she ran away and searched for over an hour when I got home. I didn't find her and figured maybe she was picked up by someone who saw her and turned her in to the dog pound. The next morning, I called the animal shelter and they had not picked her up or had any calls about a roaming dog. We made Lost dog signs and hung them at all of the local gas stations and stores hoping someone had found her would call us. Thinking maybe I could see her outside in someones yard, I drove around for over two more hours, circling the area just looking for Brooklynn. The day ended with no calls from anyone reporting finding her, and I did not find her anywhere. My last hope was to walk through my woods and marsh on and around our property with my other 4 year old black lab and see if he could sniff her out. The next morning, I woke up, let my other dog out and walked back inside to get ready to go search for Brooklynn but my dog was outside barking like crazy. I ran outside to see why he was barking to find Brooklynn laying in the yard. Brooklynn is a 70 pound black lab who I rescued at 10 weeks from someone who rescued her from an animal shelter then put her in a dog kennel for 60+ hours a week while he worked. Being an 18 year old girl, I could not comfortably and safely lift her and carry her into the house by myself gently so I ran in the house to wake up a friend to help me bring her in the house. We brought her inside, and laid her on the couch to get her warm and wait to talk to my dad and see what we should do. When she was laying there I realized there was something sticking out of the inside of her leg. After i talked to my dad, we rushed her to the Oak Harbor Vetrinary Hospital in Oak Harbor, Ohio located on State Route 19.

Brooklynn had been hit by a car Monday evening around 9 pm, and crawled about two miles home. To get home she had to crawl through a field, across a part of the river, and over many dikes throughout the back marsh and woods. The bone in her back right leg had been broken when she got hit and was hanging out of her leg. Also, her front right leg had been broken, along with some road rash. After getting hit by the car it took her about 36 hours to crawl those two miles home with both of her right legs broken.
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