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Joe has been battling Melanoma cancer for over six years now.

Lisa, his wife of 34 years (their anniversary is on March 20), has been right by his side. Together, they have been striving to live as normal a life as possible without letting the “c” word defeat them. She has continued to work full-time as the sole provider since the struggle with cancer has taken a toll on Joe’s health and is very dedicated to her family and work. For many many months, their “prayer warriors” have been antsy to raise money and help Lisa spend more time with Joe and finally the time has come when they will accept it!

Joe is a very spiritual man and long–standing member of the Black Sheep Harley-Davidsons for Christ. He has always been the person giving and volunteering to help others in need, but now Joe and his family need our help. He is at war, has been through many studies and various treatments and over the last year has lost 40 pounds. After attending a “hands on healing” session at Bethell Church in Redding California, he has experienced a miracle and changes within his body. While the lower part of his body has been healing, Joe had a set back and ended up having a brain tumor removed on Thursday, March 12th. Crazily he was home by that Saturday.

We are raising money for the Fetters’ to allow Lisa to spend time at home, without the stress of loss of income, to help Joe restore his health on a daily basis and achieve his goal to ride his Harley as soon as he’s strong enough! Money is a factor, and we all know that money will not buy them happiness, but it will buy them time together to fight this battle and win!

The Fetters’ family and friends thank you dearly for your donations, support, love and most importantly prayers! We need and expect a miracle for the complete restoration of Joe’s health!

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