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PLEASE take a moment to read this, and consider......My Son(Mikey, 13) and I, Recently moved here(Douglas, AZ) from LaCrosse, Wisconsin, On April 1st 2016 to be exact.

We knew that we had a home to come to coming to Arizona, We did have a home to live in with my Mother(Carol, 63).. We were there roughly a few weeks and the landlord made us move out or he would take away her Section 8 and evict my Mother because of the lease only allows whom is living there now, my Mom and my stepdad and my youngest son Jeremiah(he is a special needs kid and was in there best interest to be split, Jeremiah going to Grandmas and Michael staying with me, I had them both for a while. It was hard to admit but with Jeremiahs needs and behavior I couldn't give them the equal amount of attention they deserve. Michael on the other hand, he has been with me since birth. Jeremiah has always had a special bond with grandma, so the transition was easy. I am in Jeremiahs life everyday...There mother is estranged and out of the picture and has never paid a dime of child support. My mother was just trying to help Michael and I get out of Wisconsin and give us a chance to start our lives over. Believe you me, I know that if Me and Mikey didn't get out of the toxic town we lived in in Wisconsin,LaCrosse), that Mikey may have ended up in a foster home and me, most likely jail, prison or dead. So coming to Douglas is/was a chance to save our mom's landlord is heartless and didn't care if he was puttin Mikey and I on the street or not. We are currently renting a room at Border Motel in Douglas, AZ. Bt with no money for gas and ll the rest of the money we had and the money we got from selling everything we own, we are tapped out, . I did just get a job, but that dont start til July 12th. The silver lining to all of this WAS, and I mean WAS--WE WERE SUPPOSED TO be able to get into low income housing by no later than July 1st. Today i stopped into the office for Coranado Court Apartments and she tells me that we rent moving in on July 1st and we arent 3rd on the list like she told us, I applied for housing on May 9th 2016, a week later i stopped there to make sure i had everything turned in, she had me resign a form but she changed the date on it to May 2015, I think she did this to get us moved up on the list. Well, today she tells me i didn't sign this piece of paper when my son watched me sign it, she even told my mother i was 3rd o the list. Its been a literal living hell for us here. Let me explain. It all started a few weeks ago, when a few people that turned into dozens took a Facebook post I made as a personal attack on them individually. . I will give u the chronological order of events that lead to this, my Life has never been more distressing , A grown human man shouldn't be feeling like this. I moved here April 1st from LaCrosse, Wsconsin. I made many bad choices and was slowly being forgotten. I had the chance to leave, to come to Arizona and start anew. I jumped at the opportunity to become someone new. Almost immediatly after I got here I began looking for a job, I must have filled out 30 or 40 applications for work. Small amount of time went by, I was hanging out with the first friend I made, he is Hispanic. I say this to mention I am not racist nor am I trying to be a jerk. I quickly Picked my cell up and called 4 places of the jobs, of which I applied. Each person that answered had a Hispanic dialect. Said why I called and gave them my name. Then asked if it was possible to interview for the job yet, after a short pause they spoke up, letting me know I was promptly denied. I though it was odd so a few minutes later. I turned to my friend and asked him to do the same asked him not to wait to long, he made the calls a short time later and so, he called all four places Gave his name and shockingly, he was offered interviews at 3 of the 4 places he "applied." Get this, what makes it more silly is not one place did he actually apply. I was livid and angry and felt a lil racism direct towards me. I was Amazed, shell shocked and confused. I angerly posted a status on my wall . I felt it was a feeling, not intended to be rude at all. Now remember Douglas ,Arizona is over 90% hispanic. There is zero wrong with that. Not gonna sit here and argue if I am racist or not. I will simply state my mom raised me well, I don't see color. Most people I meet, I like them on the spot. I treat people kindly and fair. Friendships with me are made quickly. Kindness and caring to me is based ones personality how they treat each other, and how they treat me. **back to the post. What I posted on facebook, It read like this "You can't really understand Racism until your a victim of it. I feel today that a chunk of people in Douglas are racist against whites" i prolly shouldn't have posted it in hind sight, because a few dozens residents took it as a personal vendetta towards them. At first I didn't think anything of it. This fundraiser was made. with good intentions indeed. I created this fundraiser cuz my son and I were in need. Initially after moving here my son and I lived with my mother, we weren't overcrowded. Finally lived in a place with comfort and ease. Now a few weeks later her landlord made my son and I leave. You see, she has section 8 and I wasn't gonna let her lose it cuz of me. Sadly we were stuck moving in to the Border Motel, it took all our money, this place is hell. It took a week just to get rid of the rooms smells. It's more than evident for all to see. Mikey and I we are down on our luck, but at least we had our own place to pee. We aren't doing so well. We couldn't even afford new shower gel. It's been a while since me and mikey had a home of our own, I thought reaching out to the community for help could get us a home. This is not the case. they used the Facebook comment and threw it in my face. They rudely made contact with a few ex-friends from back home. Childishly using my fb page as a weapon of there own. They thought posting lies and twisted truths would send me running from my home. but let me tell you, This moment in time I have never felt more alone. What they are doing, it's slowly killing me. I am strong right now, no coward in me. But what happens if or when I finally break. Is me checking out the choice they want me to make? If that happens, cant they see? It will rest on their shoulders, my demise for all eternity.

The threats, harassment, slander, defamation. I live in daily fear for my life. You could cut the tension in this town with knife. All at the hands of more than a few. The actions of these citizens of Douglas Arizona is unfair, shame on you.

I can't even afford the gas to get across town. Please someone help me and Mikey get out of Douglas or into our own place. We just want to be happy and not afraid to go out. I don't know how much more of this i can take, someone out there has got to care enough to give my son and I a break.

Yes I am asking for some kind of help, i have tried everything from churches, social services and catholic charities and my gosh, i must have made 100 calls today,, Now we have no home to look forrd to, i have filed a complaint with HUD, after that I dont knw what else to d, Leaving Dougls is an option, but leaving my mom and other son would be devestating. now as of Saturda this week, because we have no money and no apartment to go to, we, my mikey and I will be homless, All the motel wants is 400 for the rest of the month. It hard to stay here, there is too many drugs and prostitutes within the vacinity and my son dont need to see that but i cant get money saved to get outta here, cuz i dont know anyone here to reach out for assistance and i wouldnt get it anyways. I so badly and deeply want to get me and mikey into our own apartment, but this time, we need your help. Please help us out of this seedy, drug and prostitute filled motel and somewhere safe.If i could get this time covered it would take a huge weight off my chest and help me have time to figure out what me and Mkey are gonna do.. Please Consider Helping Mikey and Me. I have exhausted any and all avenues presented to me, Plese, I beg of you, help me and mikey not be homeless


Les and Mikey Dent
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