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Please help offset/assist with medical/daily expenses to alleviate the financial burden. Please show your support for our families hope.

My courageous, free-spirited and handsome son Ashton was born January 24, 2007. He was diagnosed with CAH (congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia) 2 weeks later. This is a hormone disease that he will fight all his life. Ashton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on June 13, 2008 at the tender young age of 13 months old. His 2 sisters and myself decided at that point we were going to help him kick cancer in the butt. Ashton has undergone an aggressive and exhausting regimen of chemotherapy. He is now in remission, but his fight is not over. He still has to undergo follow up chemo treatments which are costly and require us to be away from home for an extended amount of time each treatment. Due to the agressive treatments, his immune system has been greatly compromised. He was diagnosed with severe asthma in January of 2011 and with severe life threatening allergies in July 2011. He is allergic to 53 of 80 foods and 35 of 80 weeds, trees and pollens. He is currently only using 75% of his lungs to breathe. His older sister Ally also has severe asthma which can be life threatening. His middle sister Lexi is a healthy child and the 3 of them love each other and everyone else with such an open heart. I am privileged enough to be mom to these three blessings. I have managed to take care of them to the best of my ability. At the time Ashton was diagnosed with his cancer (ALL), I was working at a job that provided insurance. Since then, I have had to move on from that job and recently lost my full time job. I have my part time job still trying to make ends meet. I have encountered some legal problems with the insurance and due to my jobs, do not qualify for any help from the state. I am currently still waiting on my ex employer to sign and return the paperwork to try and get medical assistance but until then, it's all on me. Trying to find affordable insurance with pre-existing conditions is next to impossible. I am a single mom working, feeding and trying to care for my children all on my own. The cost of getting my child back and forth to the doctor does add up as we live 1 1/2 hours away from his specialists. I have been blessed with finding some help with his medicines but travel expenses for the visits are all on me. I would love to find some hero's out there for our family. By being able to fund-raise this money would give me the ability to be able to take care of my children . I have had recent car problems and this added expense was not prepared for. We are still unsure how we will get Ashton to his next medical appointment in 2 weeks (Aug 7-8) as we do not have transportation means, or the money to stay where we need to for his checkups. So I turn to you -, friends, colleagues, classmates and cheering squad - to help us kick these ailments butt! Please take a moment to donate and help spread the word. There is no limit to how much you can donate and we thank you for your generosity! For those looking to make a smaller contribution, $22 or $85 are great places to start, in honor of Ashton's birthday, 1/24/07 or Ally's birthday, 5/28/98. The money donated will be used to pay for medical expenses and to help with daily living expenses so we can live off of 1 income. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more information -We can't wait to celebrate our families victory with you all! If you want to send a donation by mail, please send checks to attention: Michelle Pearce, 605 Maynard, Dalhart, TX 79022. We also have a paypal address as well ( If you have any questions, or suggestions or just need to contact me for more information, please email me at All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!! With love, Michelle, Ally, Lexi and Ashton

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