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Danny M Samaro Sr. at the ripe old age of fifty left this world in the early morning of July 7th 2016 in his parents arms in his childhood home his father Joel built, he left behind his father and mother Rosie, Arthur his older brother and Roseann his older sister he was the baby also he left behind six grandchildren his kids go in this order.

Danielle & Kimberly, Danny Jr. his only son Reina and Kathryn Kay last but not least Angelique! Born and raised in California Danny's father Joe was a welder had his own business he built that on a strong structure in all hopes of leaving it to his three kids as time went on neither Art or Danny were interested in so many words the game caught them before anyone else did. it was something that was in their blood including Roseann just like many kids growing up in any household or any era they just battled with life and the meaning of it all the Samaro Family is a big Family and if you hold that last name you then know that it is simply just a Samaro thing! we all gathered for Danny's Funeral on July Twenty Second at Mark B Shaw Chapel hours between two and four. people out the door that's how pact it was and it was very hot there were family members meeting even meeting Danny for the first time it was surreal i couldn't believe it i didn't see it coming. It all went by so fast time stops for no one that is why i am making this for Danny he is very loved and missed by so many he needs to be remembered just the thought of one day realizing i cant remember a thing about him just breaks my heart i don't ever want to lose the sound of his voice or the the last words he said to me and i can feel it slipping its scary. I guess we'll see you next lifetime maybe we'll be butterflies happy as can be, for as long as i live i'll never let you be forgotten you are still amazing and your legacy lives on within each and everyone of us and the people you impacted the most, i just wish there was more time for us to spend whether it be talking on the phone or actually being in each others presence i wear you around my neck we now take on life together and every night before i go to bed i say a prayer to the mystery man in the moon.
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