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Father and son need your prayers and support through this difficult time. Please help our two "warriors" keep fighting their illnesses.

UPDATE: We have just survived our first Tornado and need all the help we can get. It will take awhile before insurance coverage kicks in and we did not have much of a reserve financially to deal with the added costs. We are waiting to find out if the house needs to be rebuilt or just major repairs. Please give if you can....

Jason's story:
Shattered glass, bent metal, an engine cracked in half. The burn of the airbag, blacking out and waking up on sidewalk, then again in a hospital..being told that a drunk driver, going 80mph in a stolen truck, somehow left the scene of the accident that has left him injured with no way to pay for the medical costs that are sure to follow. He later finds out that he may never have feeling in his arm, his back has several herniated discs that will worsen everyday, and he suffered a traumatic brain injury that can take years to realize what damage has occurred to his brain. This is Jason's nightmare. Since that horrible accident in 1998 Jason has suffered with constant pain, and has not been able to return to the active lifestyle he once had. He has developed severe headaches, idiopathic narcolepsy, degenerative disc disease, and worsening liver problems. He is recovering from spine surgery that was just performed in February. Jason needs five medications just to be able to function and work to provide for his family. He is a wonderful husband and excellent father to his four children. It is heartbreaking for him to be unable to pick up his 3 year old daughter or play baseball with his sons.
Jamin is Jason's oldest son. He is a "miracle" child and an inspiration to all who meet him. There have been four times in his young life when we, his parents, have been told that we were lucky he survived and that he should have died. Jamin's struggles began on a sunny day much like the day of his father's accident. Jamin, then 6 years old, was riding down a steep hill on his razor scooter. He hit a rock in the road and flipped over his handle bars. The impact on the pavement was so hard that his helmet cracked in half. The inside of his mouth was cut badly and he blacked out for a few minutes. The accident happened while Jamin was at a sleepover. We saw Jamin the next day and immediately took him to the ER. They checked him out, gave him some painkillers and sent us home. Jamin suffered severe pain for a month before it was discovered on x-ray at his orthopedic doctor's office that he had broke his neck in the accident. About two months after the accident the real mystery began. In May of 2009 Jamin began having unexplained fevers, un-recognizable rashes, and near constant infections and this has not let up since. He has seen some of the best doctors in the U.S., but still no diagnosis and no cure for his continued illness. He has had multiple ct scans, several non-sedated MRIs, a bronchoscopy surgery, adenoid removal surgery, ear tube placement, and countless blood tests. EEGs have been done, EKGs and long term heart monitoring, as well as frequent lung function tests. Jamin has severe asthma and has great difficulty in gaining weight and growing properly. He is 48lbs and 48 inches tall at 8 1/2 years old, and loses several lbs with each infection. He has dealt with these medical challenges in such a courageous way and has been stronger than we ever thought he could be. His faith in God has never waivered and he feels that he was chosen by God to be one of his warriors for Christ. He has shown us what true strength is, and has brought our family to a deeper relationship with Jesus.
We have tried to manage on our own, but the costs continue to build. We now have over $17,000 in medical debt and no end in sight to the growing bills. It would be so wonderful to take some of the burden off of Jason's shoulders and allow him to heal and find the strength to keep fighting his illness. We would be so grateful for the chance to keep fighting our two "warrior's" illnesses without the worry of how to pay for the care they need. Please help us to breathe easy again. No amount is too small and will be greatly appreciated. Please pray for our family-we know the power of prayer!
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