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Where we have been: Our dear friend Joe is 39-years old, and a husband and father of two. He took temporary residence in Indiana for a job while his wife and children remained in Phoenix.

While in Indiana, Joe contracted a very serious case of necrotizing fasciitis.  As is often the case with this devastating bacterium, he has had to endure multiple surgeries to remove damaged tissues leaving much of his flesh exposed. Once the infection began to close in on his organs, he was transferred to a hospital in Kentucky that was better equipped to handle the severity of his care. Joe spent one month in a coma and was kept alive with multiple forms of life support. In a final effort to save his life, he had to have both his feet amputated.

Joe’s long-term prognosis cannot yet be determined though he is just beginning to show small yet very encouraging signs of recovery. Even though there is much left to be done we are overjoyed and have renewed hope with his progress.

Joe’s wife, Melissa is a high school teacher and has been unable to work since the onset of Joe’s illness nearly 2-months ago. She has had the extreme pressure of being in two places at one time, doing her best to be with Joe in Kentucky to make the toughest decisions of their life, while seeing to the care of their 6-year old twins in Arizona.

Melissa needs our help and strength to navigate this crisis. The strain on this family has been unfathomable, but the toll on Joe’s recovery will become even more significant. He needs is family by his side- comforting him, encouraging him and caring for him.

Where We Want To Be: Ultimately we want Joe home….moving, communicating, and being a father and a husband. Though still faced with multiple surgeries, on Monday, Joe will be air transported to a special care center in Arizona for the next phase of his rehabilitation.

How Do We Get There: We have raised $16,000 so far from various fundraisers. On Monday, Angel Medflight, a charitable organization, will transport and bring Joe to a care center in Arizona for $14,800. This is a cost the insurance will not cover so we will end up using nearly all the money we have raised to bring Joe home.

What’s to Come: Melissa has begun to receive medical bills for the 8-weeks Joe has been in the hospital. This is expected to amount to atleast $20,000 (10K per year out-of-pocket maximum).  In addition, Melissa will likely soon have to see to the necessary adaptations to their home (doorways, bathrooms, carpet removal, etc.) and will possibly need a special vehicle so that they can move forward to the next phase of their lives.

In Conclusion: If any of you know Melissa, you know she will give of herself to anyone who needs help. She is one of the most caring and giving persons I know. And now she needs our help. Please contribute whatever amount you can to help Melissa and her family with Joe’s journey back to health. Thank you for your continued prayers and support!

**Note. We moved our fundraiser to GiveForward because the fees are significantly lower.

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