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I' am a Survivor not a Victim of Domestic Violence.

After many years I have finally accepted the many forms of violence I endured by my husband of over 7 years, violent physical, emotional, sexual abuse and the loss of economic stability. I'm in need of assistance to help me relocate to another state and keep me safe from my recently released from prison ex husband. I'm starting this fundraiser to assist me with the monetary aspect needed to begin a new life..I currently live in a hotel, without a car, working only to pay for my room I can never seem to get ahead enough, to move beyond where I am right now, I tend to find daily activities a challenge it -seems to get harder and harder as the days are long..I had my ex husband arrested 19 times over the 7-8 years we were together, after leaving him, I entered a safe house, and relocated 2 counties over, just like after the 19 times he was arrested, he found me, luckily I used the restraining order and he was sent to prison for attempting to kill me. He was released last month and after 2 years he found me again.. I have since moved hotels, my only solace is to move out of state and begin a new life, a life that I have dreamed of for so long, a life dedicated to helping other battered women take that 1st step towards their own personal "Freedom". After all the years of violent abuse, after having everything stripped from me, in every way possible, I asked myself;
"What is the one thing I value most that since leaving I have regained so effortlessly???"
"Freedom....with freedom, we can conquer all.."
With the donations l, I will any donations to relocate myself and my 18yr old daughter to Florida, to not only start a new life, but to assist other battered women regain a sense of self, by opening small donation site for locals to drop off clothes, tolietitries, necessities, shoes, socks, purses,.etc..This will also give me the option share my survival story as it is a true testimony of an empty woman with an enormous amount of faith and love for God, and my daughters gave me the courage to walk away and never look back..
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