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Fundraiser to get Boots (Best kitty ever!) the treatment from a dermatologist she needs, and prevent her euthenization due to lack of funds.

Boots is a sweet little kitty who is not even a year old. She has been suffering from a skin condition that no veterinarian has been able to identify with certainty ever since she was adopted. Boots scratches herself until her skin is raw and bleeding. We have tried many different trials of medications, from steriod shots, to holistic treatments, to medicated baths, to trial and error for food allergies. The amount of money that has gone into trying to save this little one has of course, already become astronomical. Having a pet is a great responsibilty and there is no way of knowing when your pet will get sick, but when they do - you will do anything you can to protect them and heal them.

Boots continues to get better breifly, and return to her playful kitty self - but then she reverts back to poor health after every treatment. She doesn't get to enjoy life because she is constantly grooming and scratching herself because she is so itchy. When her condition is at it's worst she cries out when she scratches herself because she has broken the skin. It is heartbreaking to watch a pet you love go though somthing like this. We've reached the crossroads where the only option left is to consult a dermatologist who can run a series of tests to hopefully pinpoint her diagnosis. This is of course, extremely expensive. We all say we will do anything for our pets because they are our family, and we love them like family. My last resort is to reach out to anyone who can spare any donation to help prevent this innocent animal from being euthenized.
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