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Help us prove our innocence in court and protect your rights from the heavy handed government and big business.

Five years ago the federal government raided our home, handcuffed us on the front lawn in front of our children and neighbors, and seized everything pertaining to my husbands business, as well as many personal belongings. My husband is charged with one violation of the digital millenium copyright act because of some blank memory chips that were sold on his website. The case finally goes to trial this October. What the case is really about is protecting your rights to be able to make back up copies of media you have purchased. The government is doing as big business wants and trying to stop alleged video game piracy. But they are going after the wrong people and the charges don't even apply to the situation. Instead of admitting they are mistaken, they are dragging it out and taking it to trial until we have no more money to fight. Wasting taxpayer money working on this for over 5 years when they have no basis for their case. Please help us finally wrap this thing up in court and prove our innocence and protect the rights of Americans in the future so no one else has to go through this. It is $8000 for an expert witness in the case and $10,000 for a trial retainer for the lawyer. This is after all the legal fees we have paid up to now.
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