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This fundraiser is to help my brother with his insane hospital bills following his illness

My brother, Eric, was a healthy typical 21 year old. He had been exercising and eating better, quit smoking, really at a good point. Then he started to not feel well. After a few weeks of being sick and feeling off, he had a seizure and backed out of the driveway and into a tree.. He was brought to the ER, kept overnight and released the next morning. A few hours after being released from the ER, he had another seizure.. I thought I had just witnessed my brother die in front of me. Luckily those were the two biggest seizures he had. He was brought back to the ER and again released.

After the seizures, he began to be really confused, and anxious, and just not him self at all. We knew something was wrong. He had someone awake with him every second of every day because we did'nt know what was wrong, and the ER doctors couldn't give us any answers either. Two more ER trips, and we all were frustrated. Eric's condition was worsening, and yet they were not having any answers.

The morning of the fifth and final ER visit, I called 911 again. Eric was so confused, and just seemed to not have control over what he was doing. He was very forgetful, couldn't tell us why he was doing things, et cetera. The EMTs got there and knew right away to bring him in. Thankfully the doctor on that 5th visit did a lumbar puncture to test his spinal fluid. The news wasn't good, so they transported Eric to the larger hospital in the state. A teaching hopsital that has seen more condtions and diseases and is more equiped to handle them.

Once there, he quickly declined. They tested him for virtually everything under the sun without anything coming back positive. By this time, he was not responsive to us and couldn't walk on his own. He eventually was put in the ICU because he couldn't breath on his own and had to be intabated. That was the scariest time. He wasn't in a coma, but he was so medicated and such that he couldn't follow commands, or anything much.

While he was in the ICU, my Dad and I finally got a diagnosis.. NMDA Receptor Antibody Encephalitis. A rare autoimmune condition, that usually hit females, so in my brothers case it was even rarer. The doctor had said Eric was the 3rd case of this they had ever seen. Yes, it's a scary rare horrid disease. The treatment plan was for Eric to begin recieving chemotherapy. You never expect a 21 year old without cancer to have to go through that.

After a while, he was released from ICU and back into the department that takes care of him like family, the doctors and nurses at his hospital are fantastic! A little over four months since he first had to fight with this awful disease, and now he is showing signs of beating it. He is now breathing on his own again, and is starting to eat solid food again. They are also starting the physical, speech, and occupational therapy. They have warned us that it may be months or longer before he is able to go to the rehabilitaion hospital that is his next stop before going home.

From what I understand of the doctor telling us, 400 cases of this are known since the disease was first discovered in 2007. Most of the cases occuring with females who have teratoma tumors. The chance of Eric having to fight this, was virtually nothing, but here we are.. and he is fighting it like a superhero.

Music seems to be a big help for him through all of this. Before he got sick he had taught himself how to play guitar, and sing, and was performing at open mics and such. I had made him a mix cd with some of our favorite bands and songs, and it made him smile and laugh. He was trying to sing along too, which will be helpful with him going through speech therapy. When he is able too, they hope that his guitar will also play a huge role in his recovery. He gets so frustrated not being able to communicate the way he use too, but he will do it. The doctors have high hopes of a full recovery with the right therapy and treatment.

75% of people make it through with little to no damage to their mind and how they function while 25%have sever defects or cannot beat the condtion and pass away. 


This fundraiser is to help Eric with his hospital bills, and also anything that will need to be purchased in order to help with his treatment and therapy. A 21 year old does not need a huge debt thanks to medical bills. He should just be able to enjoy being healthy and living his life after this.


Thank you for reading this, and showing support for Eric. He is literally one of the funniest, nicest people I have met. Always trying to make others laugh and such.

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