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Secure Living Quarters For Ezekiel and shamar.

The past 12 years of my life have been raising my only son to best of my abilities. During that time I was able to also care for my ailing father from 2010 to 2013; my son was able to spend the last days of his grandfathers days in joy. Sacrifice of all is some thing I am use to by now; anything new or donated, is for my son.There is a true blessing in that I will be able to be re-trained in my skill of an certified phlebotomist; and will be able re-enter the work force. The grant for this training is taken a toll on my time to secure our living space; had it been granted in March 2016, I would have had the chance to return to work early as June 2016 . At this time we will be required certain amount of money, for a bill that has come back to us to make things even harder. This is the reason for the need for help from those who have to give, before legal action can be taken upon us. I took the time (the last 12 years, with zero child support) to raise Ezekiel to meet the real world;  to have great manners, respect for all, love for all, and to all ways be a law abidding male, especially one of color. So after all these years I am in need of those who give, to someone who really needs. Thank You All, And May You Have Your Hearts Desires.

Shamar Freeman Bey

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