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Kathleen Dillon's family, friends, colleagues, Facebook and Twitter buddies are helping her get lifesaving lymphedema treatment!

I'm raising funds to fight my lymphedema, an incurable but manageable medical problem. This went undiagnosed for over 12 years, so it's pretty advanced! There's been a buildup of lymphatic fluid in my lower extremities.

I need to raise funds to cover medical treatment: lymphedema therapy, medical imaging, maybe hospitalization, physical therapy, and possibly travel for medical care, compression garments (footless tights) which need to be worn all the time to keep the lymph out of the extremities.

I'm happy to answer questions about lymphedema or about why I need help! Some further details are below.


Since about 2006, Kathleen (kcd) has had a string of difficult circumstances. She lost the home Ian and Bonnie grew up in as well as her savings and IRA; she won a $168,000 judgment against the identity thief who caused this but has not been able to collect a dime. Perhaps worst of all, the Franchise Tax Board illegally seized $77,000 of her money. A judgment has been made ordering them to restore it, but here we are 7 years later with no results. They tend to "win" by attrition, but kcd has been trying for 7 years and will keep trying until the money is restored to her. At this point, though, she doesn't have resources or savings.

It's hard for kcd to ask for help. She'd rather be giving help, and she plans one day to do that! For now, though, because her healthcare provider missed her diagnosis for over 12 years, she is becoming more disabled with lymphedema.

Kathleen is concertmaster of the Vallejo Symphony. A few years ago she met Saskia Thiadens, who was on the Vallejo Symphony board. When Kathleen finally found her lymphedema diagnosis in November 2012, she was astonished to find that Ms Thiadens, her musical friend, was an incredibly accomplished rainmaker in the medical world. In fact, she is the president of the National Lymphedema Network! Ms Thiadens has asked Kathleen to participate in the 11th Worldwide Lymphedema Network Conference in Washington, DC, this September...but kcd is will need to be healthier and stronger to be able to do that.

With medical treatment, progression of kcd's lymphedema will come to a screeching halt. Her body will be enroute to losing the approximately 150 pounds (yes, you read that right) of extra lymph she is carrying, so of course she will be much more physically active. She will be able to jump back into the stream of her life again, go on hikes, play more, do chamber music concerts, have fun, get out, kayak, and publish more medical writing.

She's doing this fundraiser to reach up to that next "electron shell" of good health and asks you to join along! Thank you.

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