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Kelly is a loving, caring, and giving person who has fallen on hard times due to the costs to save her life after a Medical Emergency.

Please help Kelly with her ongoing health struggle and medical bills that are associated with saving her life and keeping her healthy.
In May of 2009 Kelly rushed herself to Womack hospital in Fort Bragg, NC. She woke up in the middle of the night and was in excruciating pain in her abdomen and right leg. Once Kelly was admitted in to the Emergency room the Doctors did some blood tests and discovered that she had a blood clot and ordered an ultrasound to locate exactly where it was and how extensive the damage. After the Ultrasound the Doctors ordered a CT scan to verify the exact size and location of the blood clot which they determined to be 3 and a half feet long and was accompanied by a pulmonary embolism.
At that time it was explained to Kelly that she would need to remain as still as possible and that they were sending her to Wake Med by ambulance because there is a vascular specialist who would perform surgery to remove the clot.

At about 1pm the following day Kelly went in for surgery to put a tulip filter at the top of her vena cava so that if a piece of the clot broke off (which was a huge source of concern) she would not have a stroke or a heart attack, as well as to remove the clot by threading a suction device from the back of her knee, up into her abdomen to remove the clot. The surgery was nine and a half hours long and Kelly was awake for the entire thing because her lungs were already compromised due to the pulmonary embolism. After the surgery, Kelly was sent to intensive care and given a medication called TPA which is a strong clot buster and blood thinner to hopefully dissolve any of the clot that the surgeon did not get. After spending the night in ICU Kelly went in for a second surgery the following morning. This surgery only took about 2 1/2-3 hours. The surgeon had to remove the stint he had put in her vein to hold it open and remove the filter he had put in the day before. After that surgery Kelly got to go back to a regular room in the vascular unit while they began the long process of getting and keeping her blood thin and healing her as much as possible so that she could go home.
Recovery was a long and slow road, but Kelly is a trooper and she never complained about any of it. To this day Kelly has to go to the Doctor every two weeks in order to have her blood checked and to have her liver monitored because of the blood thinner she will have to be on for the rest of her life.
Kelly had insurance at the time of her injury, however, they refuse to pay because they believe the incident was caused by a third party. Kelly has a hospital and surgery bill from Wake Med that is over 250,000 dollars and she continues to have to pay $75 every two weeks for blood checks, and over 100 dollars a month for prescriptions.
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