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This is the Tarra-Lynn and Cheyenne Marie Recovery Fund! All money raised will be used to aid in the lawyers fees and court costs.

I left Massachusetts in 2001. I couldnt take the physical and mental abuse that my Boyfriend had done to me for 8 years. He moved me to Massachusetts in 1991 far away from my friends and family. He was a good guy for the first year or two, then he began drinking and doing perscription drugs.He was always great with the kids. Never raised his voice at them or anything. Just me.

I had to go. I tried to go on a vacation with the kids to see my family and I wasn't planning on commming back but he wouldnt let me leave the State with the girls. He knew something was up I guess.

I kept in contact with them as much as I could. He would move around and I had to track him down. I begged him to let me come and get the girls. He said he was doing fine and he would take care of them.

After a month or so I couldnt reach them again and searched via the internet to find them but I had no luck. I tried writing letters and nothing.

Months then year(s) went by and I heard nothing. I was lost and devistated. I didnt know if they were dead or alive or where they were I couldnt talk to my girls. And I'm not just talking about my flesh and blood but my would-have-been "step-daughter" too!

Years went by and a Lawyer contacted me (But the State of Massachusetts couldn't find me? And If you look me up in the white pages there I am and my addresses....) This Lawyer was representing the Uncle who I found out much later Beat and Raped the girls everyday they were with him! The Uncle got off without any justice!!!!!!!!

This Lawyer told me the reason he was contacting me was because there was a temporary custody hearing for my daughters to be placed with thier Uncle. I told the Lawyer I want my daughters and I got a hold of the girls lawyer and I told the court advocate I want my daughters! They refused to give me a lawyer because I didnt live in Massachusetts.
I tried to contact the court and the girls uncle for several months to no avail.

Then almost a year ago now I reciveved a letter that Massachusetts was terminating my rights. I tried to raise money to get to Massachusetts but I wansn't able to.
I hadnt heard of this kind of fundraiser.

I am not a perfect person. I have made my mistakes. I have my regrets! But the State of Massachusetts took my children didnt try and find me to give me my children 10 years ago. And because of the State of Massachusetts my daughters have had to endure unspeakable abuses, RAPE, BEATINGS, NEGLECT, PAIN and ALL WITHOUT thier MOTHER to Protect them! One is in a Mental institution. ALL because of the State of Massachusetts Failing to contact me and release my children to my care!

None of this would have happened had they givin me my children 10 years ago when thier Father took them to DFS and dropped them off stating he couldnt take care of them any more!

I have met one of my daughters former Foster parents and I am very lucky to know this person and have the information that they have shared with me.

I Need HELP!!!!

Please help me get my Daughters Back!!
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