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Hello I'm an Stephanie  i have had many complications in my life more then the average person I would say.

 I am now 25 years old and till this day still have have problem I can not figure out. It all started when I was 11 years old I got type one diabetes I was flown flight for life to the hospital with a blood sugar of 1300! I've struggled with my diabetes for years now an have been told by many doctors that I have the worse case they've seen, I know have an enlarged liver, early stage kidney failure,  bleeding behind my left high known as diabetic retinopathy, high blood pressure and ards which is an unpowered respiratory problem. Just last year i blacked out a home fell and cracked my rib cage, I had pneumonia  and other complication s and what sent to the Er and from there I don't remember much all I remember is these bad dream I was having and waking up in a hospital room with my heads and feet strapped down and waking up to my mother and father. When I woke up I was on a ventilator and had a feeding tube in my though which I know have a scar from on my neck, I asked my parents what happened, where I was and how I got there and they explained,  I whet into diabetic dka, and got pnemonia my body began to seem as it was getting better the doctor said but overnight  my body wanted to give up the doctor put me on life support to help my breathing cause I was not doing it on my own, the doctor said he did all he could and didn't believe I was gonna make it through the night and suggested my parents pull the plug the life support was doing 80% of my breathing and I was only doing the other 20% but my parents refused to pull the plug, I was on life support for 7days in a coma and some miracle pulled out of it, I was in the hospital a total of 18days and only remember the last 3. From me have the tubes through my neck to my throat I devolved a condition call ards which is upper respiratory condition an it's hard for me to breath, I have to walk with it and sleep with it on. For some reason my insurance won't cover it and I owe $668 to the people who supply my oxygen, I have old medical bills  that I need to pay on, I have dr appt in St. Louis to see speacalist cause there still trying to find out what else is goin on with me and St. Louis is about 110 miles from me so it takes quite a bit of gas, my car recently started messing up on me and its needing engine repair of about $1990 dollars, that is my only means of transportation I have no family that leaves around me other then me taking care of my little sister and I need that car to get me around an take me to all my dr applt. I've never had an easy life it's always been one thing after another for me and I know I'm not the only one going through tough times but I do need help I don't know what else to do. I am asking to help me raise $1990 it won't take care of all my problems but oh boy would it help me out extremely and I would be so grateful if you all could help me to my goal, I would appreciate it more then you would ever know.
thanks you & God bless.
stephanie has overcome so much in her life and has beat plenty of struggles so with the help all all of you we can help her get out of this hole
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