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We are trying to get back on our feet. Last year my wife had to quit her job due to a medical disability.

The loss of her income had a negative impact on our financial stability. In response to this situation I secured a higher paying job that provides our medical insurance and covers our daily expenses. My wife also applied for Social Security disability benefits. Currently I am a full time student working a full time job and another part time job in the evenings delivering pizza. I have also participated in medical research studies for extra cash. Unfortunately our medical insurance does not cover all of our medical expenses and we are still waiting for approval on the disability insurance. We have been overwhelmed with numerous medical bills and several have gone into collections. My credit has been destroyed and our savings exhausted. We have done everything we can to help ourselves up to this point. This is emotionally crippling as we are used to being the ones helping others. We never expected to be going downhill in the prime of our lives (50s). With no where else to turn we decided to appeal to others for assistance. This is a very hard thing to do, but my pride has already been defeated.

Amazingly we can get out of this mess for less than $10,000.00. We have tried to get loans. But with my new terrible credit score we have been turned down everywhere. Any money we receive will be spent exclusively on our medical debt. If we raise more than we need we will donate all of the extra money to a another individual in need. Every penny raised will be a greatly appreciated blessing in our lives.
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