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I started having back problems in Nov. of 2011. In Dec I tried helping some people by giving them a place to stay, with the understanding they would help me out by paying a rent. Well because they didn't pay and the stayed longer than 2 weeks, I was out of luck. I was going to use that money to see a specialist regarding my back, since that fell through I lost my job. After that things kind of started snowballing down hill. My vehicle insurance lapsed, my only transportation got towed (it's still in the tow yard), and I still need to see my psyciatrist as well as a physical theraptist. Since the winter months were the way they were my one horse keeps getting out no matter how many times or ways I fix the fence. One of the neighbors contacted Hooved Animal Humane Society, who inform me I have 24 hrs. to get a veterinarian to look at my horses, which I can't afford. Please someone, somewhere help me pay for a vet as well as getting my truck back (I need it to get my back taken care of so I can get back on my feet.)

Thank-you everyone who reads this and cares.

Dept of Ag Inspector was here even he could not tell how the one died this year. The other had an injury to her front leg at the joint of the hoof how it happened I don't know. But the vet that looked at her said it was possibly a sprain. He gave her a steroid shot and told me to give her aspirin,which I did. This vet also told me it could take up to 6 months for her to fully recover as unlike a person a horse could not be expected to stay off the injure foot. BTW this occurred in 2009. It was a cold & snowy winter the night it was to be the coldest I feed all four of my horses extra hay along with sweet feed.I had also given her her aspirin that night. The next morning after a snow fall of about a foot I went out to check on them and I could not find her until I looked in our open shed. I found her down and dead it appeared that she had gotten down & couldn't get up that she had frozen to the ground. There was nothing I could do for her. The other had been seen by animal control with the two that were taken from me today he stated that it seemed to him that the bigger red roan mare was being a hay hog. But he also noted that there was plenty of hay laying out from the night before for all of them. All I know about her death is that one night she was there with the others eating her hay and the next morning she had died, possibly from the cold
I didn't leave it to die when it was injured I had a vet look at her, he gave her a steroid shot and prescribed aspirin which she got. She was up and moving the night before as well as eating she got her pills that night too. The next morning after a overnight snow fall of about 12 inches and a temp with windchill of 20 below I found her dead and frozen to the ground. the position her body was in indicated she had gotten down and was trying to get back up but obviously she didn't make back up. The other horse went down in another barn. She is the one the county officer saw before she died and his comment was she looked a little thin, but he also stated that to him she was healthy. The day he came out I was not fore warned so I could not have done anything special just for him to make things look better.
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