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Sean Jones' family and friends are raising money to bring him back to the USA from Korea and for medical bills. Please help bring him home.

My brother Sean is one of the smartest, funny, selfless and outgoing person I know. Sean has always been a person who loves to meet new people and learn new cultures. He was able turn this love into a job with helping children in Oklahoma City, Chicago and South Korea. After graduating college from SNU (Southern Nazarene University) he was able to get a job as English teacher and help educate Korean children about American culture. He loved it so much that his new dream is to complete his Masters Degree in Education and teach college students.

On May 25, 2013, Sean was checked into Yonsei University Severance Hospital and diagnosed with Viral Encephalitis. He was expected to make a full recovery within 2-4 weeks and return home. Unfortunately, he was mis-diagnosed and on June 19th, 2013, he was diagnosed with a very rare case of anti-nmda receptor encephalitis. He is now looking at a 1 to 2 year recovery period.

During his fight against anti-nmda receptor encephalitis on July 5th, 2013, he lost his teaching job and health insurance due to the English teacher contracts in South Korea he sign. There was nothing in his contract for such a rare case. He is now unemployed, mostly bedridden and unable to pay medical bills that are increasing everyday on his own.

On August 20, 2013, The Yonsei University Severance Hospital have threaten to put a suspend on Sean's passport until the full amount of the medical bill is paid.Even though his friends and family have paid over $10,000. If the hospital goes through with there threat Sean will be unable to leave country with our mother who as been able to watch over him during his recovery in the last two months and she will not leave him there alone because of the poor quality of care. .

All Sean wanted to do is help people, learn new languages and see the world. You know, he was just living live to fullest like anyone who loves life and what they do.

So, on the behalf of my family and friends we ask for any (anything) support that can be given to help bring my brother and mother back to America.

Thank you,

Brandon Jones

***Below is some basic information about Anti-NMDA receptor Encephalitis.***

Anti-NMDA (N-methyl D-aspartate) receptor encephalitis is an acute form of encephalitis, potentially lethal but with high probability for recovery, caused by autoimmune reaction against NR1- and NR2-subunits of the glutamate NMDA receptor.[1] Different descriptions and syndromal designations for this disease existed in the medical literature prior to 2007, when the cause was established and it received its current name.[2] The disease is associated with tumours, mostly teratomas of the ovaries, and thus is considered a paraneoplastic syndrome. However, there are a substantial number of cases with no detectable cancerous tissue.

According to a review of 100 cases in The Lancet,[3] 91 of the 100 patients were women, mean age of all patients numbered 23 years (5-76 range); of the 98 patients that underwent an oncological screening, 58 had a tumour, predominantly an ovarian teratoma. All patients presented with psychiatric symptoms or memory problems; 76 of them suffered from seizures, 88 developed unresponsiveness (decreased consciousness), 86 - dyskinesias, 69 - autonomic instability, and 66 - hypoventilation. Tumour treatment associated with better prognosis; 75 patients got well without residual problems and 25 died or were left with severe deficits.
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