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John Aird Fundraiser - We are trying to raise money for medical expenses and to buy John a hospital type bed, because he has to sleep sitting up now. Thank you!

I am starting this fundraiser for my friends John and Marchelle Aird, they are trying to recover from a very serious illness with John that has really taken a toll on their family.  Last April John started throwing up blood, LOTS of it, so they took him to the emergency room to try to figure out what was wrong. They thought he might have a bleeding ulcer so they tried to stick an NG tube down his throat, but when they did blood was just gushing out of his mouth and his nose AND the tube! It was awful, we really thought we were going to lose him that night! They never did get that NG tube all the way to his stomach and the next day the found out Why! The gastroentologist was able to get a small camera down there and discovered a HUGE tumor that they estimated to be about 7 pounds, it was HUGE! It had to come out! The initial biopsies were saying the tumor was benign but once they got it out and opened up, there was cancer in the middle of it! His entire esophagus was engulfed with this tumor, so they had to remove the whole thing and stretch his stomach up and attach it to his throat. The tumor was so big that they had to cut his vocal chord in order to get it out. That caused him to have a really hard time talking AND breathing, which later, initiated another surgery to do Vocal Chord implants! He was in the hospitals for 34 days as this is one of the hardest surgeries you could ever have because it affects every system in your body! His stomach that was now lying on his lungs caused him to get fluid on his lungs and he really had a hard time breathing! Plus he couldn’t eat so his digestion was really messed up, he had so many tubes and wires and needles going in and coming out of him from everywhere! He was finally able to come home with a feeding tube that went directly into his intestines, that was not very fun but it kept him alive. A month later is when he had to have his vocal chords replaced, that was not a fun surgery either because they literally have to slice your throat open. That surgery got very infected and sore and he had a hard time recovering from that one as well. Then just as they thought things were getting better, John had a stroke, in which he lost part of his vision. The doctors say that vision will never return. This stroke was caused by a bad bacteria that he got WHILE he was in the hospital, It was a very bad, antibiotic resistant, strain that was very hard to kill. John was in the hospital another 8 days trying to find something that would kill this bacteria, it was really scary! They finally had to go to the strongest most potent antibiotic they have and sent him home with a pic line and six WEEKS of home health care treatment! That strong antibiotic not only killed the bacteria but it also did damage to his liver! The bacteria also affected his aortic valve so he has a leak there now too. The day they got home from the hospital the second time, John’s blood pressure was to low from the medication that he passed out and hit his head on the corner of the wall and cracked it open! This also caused him to have a bad seizure, which was very scary too! He also had a big gash in his elbow and a HUGE bruise on his hip and back from that fall! Not fun! Anyway, they had huge hospital bills, and to top it off John lost his Job because he was not able to get out and see his accounts. That was VERY disappointing! Recovery has been a long hard road and it is still not over yet, John has to go in every three months or so and have his throat stretched because the scar tissue builds up to the point where he cannot swallow, and he starts choking on everything, which makes it hard to even take his medicine. Plus since his stomach is so close to his mouth the acid is terrible sometimes. He has to sleep almost sitting up because of this problem, he will never be able to lie flat on his back again. If he falls off his pillows that are propping him up, he wakes up throwing up because the acid is burning his throat so bad. He really needs one of those beds were the head can be raised but they cannot afford that. They also have to watch that valve in his heart really close because if it gets worse he could be looking at open heart surgery it fix it! The thoughts of having to do that are very overwhelming, but John is such a kind hearted, gentle soul, he NEVER complains. He is the kind of person who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it, he is always helping and thinking of others first, that is why I am setting up this page to help my friends, so please just give what you can, every little bit helps!

LaNila Wong

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