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I was in a very emotionally, mentally, and physically abusive marriage for 8 years.

During that 8 years I had 3 very smart, beautiful and healthy children. I grew up in and out of foster care and in and out of broken family homes. I never wanted that for my children. I served 2 separate restraining orders on my soon to be ex husband, almost died due to his violent outrages on many different occasions, and always forgave and gave chance after chance to make things better. I was putting myself thru medical assistant program at globe university , I worked 2 full time jobs during that time and took as best care of my children as capable. My husband didn't work the entirety of the marriage and was terrible with any part of parenting... meaning he never made it to the kids appointments I scheduled and informed him to make sure he got the kids there, we were kicked out of the pediatrician clinic on 2 separate occasions due to no shows on his behalf. When I worked or was in class, my child never made it to school, kids were not being made dinner and if so was typically chips ramen noodles or pizza. As I tried to be successful and provide a future for my kids, the exact opposite ended up happening and my kids behavioral health and education was being impacted bad. I made the decision to drop one of my jobs and education to part time . My kids were able to get the mommy time they had been missing and the care I gave made my peace of mind 100% better. But then bills piled up, credit card accounts closed, debt collectors calling daily. Negative bank accounts and title loans on both vehicles, which now face repos. I got to the point where watching the ex play video games all night and sleep all day and have no worries got sickening to me, I tried giving him a chance to save the family and he laughed at me. It got to be constant arguing and yelling. I would not have my kids grow up in that environment, being scared and seeing and hearing the things they were. I lost my job to try keeping up with school and motherhood. I finally had enough and left the relationship. Things were looking better for me and the Children, who went back and forth between myself and their dad. My parents were helping with finances as much as they could, It got to be too expensive for them, which I understand, the children's dad is on his way to prison. My tuition fell behind and I made the choice to withdraw temporarily to prevent more debt. due to the decision of me ending the hatred filled relationship I now lost my house, live with my parents, have full custody and my parents health is deteriorating fast. The time has come for us to be forced to move elsewhere. We have nobody. I want to get back into school and finish my externship, I want to have my divorce finalized but cannot as to the court expenses are too much as well. I am about to lose my vehicles and all my credit I worked so hard to obtain plummeted fast. We're just needing a bit of help to get out of this tough time. We want our fresh happy start at life. I want my kids to have a place to call home. I drive 60 miles a day to keep my daughter in her school with her friends. Any help would be more than appreciated. Thank you.God bless
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