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Kayden’s Korner is a non profit organization made in honor of our son Kayden who was born with complications with Gastroschisis.

If being pregnant isn’t enough, finding out ...he will be born with complications is even harder. At 14 weeks pregnant we found out that Kayden was going to be born with gastroschisis. To us that sounded like the end of the world, but the doctor said that he would be fine that the small intestines are growing on the outside of his body. And that when he is born they will place the intestines in a silo bag and let gravity take its course. That a lot of babies are born with this and that there are little to no complications. Needless to say we were hopeful. 12/8/2010 I went into labor early at 34 weeks. Kayden was born at 9:38 am weighing a little under 4 lbs. Instantly he was taking away to wrap any of the organs that were on the outside. The surgeon came out and stated that the hole that the intestines were seeping out of was to small for the silo bag and they needed to bring him to the O.R.

Three hours later the surgeon comes up to my room, we were so excited finally we can see what we created. She stated that while Kayden was in utero the small intestines were strangulated and that there was little to no blood flow. She placed the intestines back in to see if they would retain any blood flow back. He was also given a D-tube and a G-tube this was to let his belly drain of and secretions that his stomach and liver may produce. We were given a 5% change that the intestine’s would recover but we were optimistic. At that point we were given the opportunity to keep Kayden comfortable and let him go or treat him with chances he may not survive and if he did with severe complications. We took the risk and definitely decided we were not giving up on him. He was placed in the NICU at Women and Infant’s where we were finally able to see him. Going to see him was the hardest thing I have ever endured in my life, Walking in that room seeing my baby lifeless on machines and tubes at that point it was hard to breath. We were unable to hold him for a week or so, But at least he was alive. At 9 days old they discovered that there was a large amount of air in his abdomen so again Kayden was taken to the O.R.

After the surgery he was on a breathing machine for over a week him being so early he was unable to breath on his own. Finally it came time to see if he would breastfeed first time we tried we were not successful. But after that day he was all about it eating like a champ. The surgeons said it was great he was eating but he will receive no nourishment from it, that is was for bonding and comfort only that they will be taking him to the O.R again to put in a PiCC line ( a long, thin, plastic tube that travels from a vein in the arm or leg, into one of the large veins near the heart and is used to deliver fluids or medications). At this point they were talking to us about his nourishment and how they would be able to give him all he needs thru the PICC line with IV fluids called TPN and Lipids ( is a type of iv fluid that provides total nutrition to some babies that can’t take any nourishment by mouth). Scary as that was to hear, That is his life line and if we want him home eventually this is what he needed. When he was finally a month and a half old he was transferred to Hasbro where he could be watched closer by his surgeon. He was continuing to grow slowly but he was growing. There they were able to manage his TPN better and we were able to take the classes that we needed to be able to care for him at home. At three months old finally they were talking about letting him come home that they needed to take him to the O.R one more time to be able to give him a Central Line, ( pretty much the same as the PICC line but it is placed in the chest). March 9th 2011 Kayden was able to come home with Mom, Dad, Sister, and Brother. We were so excited the travel back and forth, not being able to be with him full time, not knowing what was going on when we were not there was all over.

Kayden is now 15 months and has had an additional 3 surgeries and another blood transfusion but he is very happy and learning as well as any other baby. When all this was happening we were not educated enough and it was scary. We didn’t have anyone to talk to that had children with the same medical history. I am with hope that this with let people know that there are other people out there and are willing to take the time to talk and be there for them. To give them a better outlook on the future cause me personally I think it would have been a lot easier. If you have any questions please feel free to call 401-390-8226. Kaydens second annual benefit is coming up will definally update details.Thank you all for your support.
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