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The family and friends of Scott Major are coming together to help with the present and future costs of his heart surgery.

UPDATE: Sadly Scott passed away on February 3, 2011 from complications of his Aortic Dissection Surgery. His family and I would like to thank everyone who donated to his cause. It meant a lot to know that you all cared about him enough to help. We will leave the site up for couple of more weeks in case anyone else would like to for the future benefit of his son Sean.

Rest in Peace Scott and I hope wherever you are that you have a guitar slung around your shoulder and that you're rocking on.

Scott's Story:
Anyone who knows 42 year old Scott Major will tell you that he is a funny, compassionate, fun-loving, big-hearted, all-around great guy. They will tell you that he is the adoring father of a 9 year old little boy named Sean. They will tell you that he is an avid New Orleans Saints fan, that he loves to make people laugh, loves live music, festivals, and spending time with his son. They will tell you that he was thrilled to have recently finally gotten a job with a major construction company as a carpenter; a company he'd been trying to get on with for years. They will tell you that he was in the prime of his life, healthy and happy. He led a normal life, never smoked, was not overweight, and had no history of high blood pressure or any other medical illness. In other words he was as healthy as a horse. They will tell you that the thought of Scott having a life threatening heart illness never would have crossed their minds.

On December 29, 2010, Scott was walking to work when he started having chest pains. He managed to make it to work, where an ambulance was called and he was taken to the hospital. It was discovered that he had an Aortic Dissection, which in layman's terms is a tear in his aorta. The aorta is the largest artery coming off the heart. It comes off the heart at the top, goes up about 4 inches, makes a U-turn and goes down to the groin where it splits into the left and right leg. An Aortic Dissection is when the inner layer of the 3 layers of the aorta is torn and blood is flowing into the middle layer. That blood eventually pools and bursts through all 3 layers, causing an aneurysm and death. It is the same thing that killed John Ritter. There are two types of Aortic Dissections. Type 1 is in the ascending and descending aorta and requires immediate surgery. Type 2 is in the descending aorta only and is not as life threatening. Scott has Type 1 which means that the inner layer of his aorta is torn from his heart to his groin. Scott's aortic dissection, if left untreated, would have killed him in days. He was immediately set up for emergency open heart surgery where they replaced his aortic valve with a mechanical valve and his ascending aorta with a synthetic graft. They were unable to repair the descending aorta because it's just too intensive of a surgery at this time so he will have to take blood thinners and high blood pressure medicine and have bi-annual CT scans to monitor for possible aneurysms for the rest of his life. His chances of needing future surgeries to repair the rest of his aorta are very high.

Unfortunately Scott was a couple of weeks shy of being eligible for health insurance at his new job so he is uninsured. We are unsure of the total medical bills at this time but we know the costs will continue to rise because of a lifetime regimen of prescription medications and future medical procedures/surgeries.

We are raising money to offset/assist with these expenses. Our hope is that we can alleviate some of the financial burden so Scott can concentrate on getting better and staying better so that he can watch his son grow up. Please help us make sure he's around to do that by donating as much as you can. No matter how small it is, it will make a difference!

All your generous contributions are deeply appreciated.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or just need to contact a representative for the family please call Renee Gunnells (Scott's girlfriend) at 504-210-9483 or email her at

Thank you - Scott Major, Sean Major, Georgia and Steven Spencer, Eric Major, Kimberly Spencer and Renee Gunnells

Please note: You can also send a donation through the mail.

Please send checks to the attention of his mother:
Georgia Spencer
3717 Lake Michel Ct
Gretna, LA 70056
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