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Help Mike Tecza, age 49, recover from the paralyzing effects of a severe brain stem stroke. The funds raised will pay for skilled physical and occupational therapy which is not covered by Medicaid. The cost of the therapy is $1700.00 per month. Whether you are hearing his story for the first time or you have helped in the past, your generosity will be a source of strength to Mike!

Mike suffered a severe brain stem stroke on November 13, 2009. Four days was all it took for him to become a prisoner in his own body. As a result of the stroke, he was unable to move his body at all and the only way he could communicate was by moving his eyes up and down. He was dependent on a tracheal tube to breathe and was fed through a feeding tube. After spending 20 days in the hospital, Mike was transferred to a nursing home where he still resides today.
The only way to regain function of his body would be to receive skilled physical, occupational and speech therapy but Mike would not receive therapy because he was uninsured. Mike ran his own landscaping business and had dropped his health insurance due to the cost and economic down turn. Later, he was denied individual health insurance due to a pre-existing condition. He has applied for Medicaid, which is pending, but Medicaid does not cover the cost of the skilled therapy that Mike requires.
Mike and his wife did not have the money to pay for therapy on their own, and would have to rely on the generosity of family, friends and their community. Four months passed before enough money was raised to begin therapy. As you can imagine, during this waiting period he lost a considerable amount of muscle mass and strength. Mike’s body ached from non-use and he was too weak to sit up for any length of time, but his spirit was strong.
In March 2010, with the help of donations, Mike was able to begin therapy and the results have been amazing. He no longer needs the tracheal and feeding tubes and is regaining strength and movement in his arms and legs. He speaks and eats on his own, stands with assistance, and is learning to use a wheel chair. His therapists are confident that Mike will continue to improve and eventually walk, but time is running out. His medical fund, “Seeds of Strength”, will be depleted by the end of September and it will no longer be able to cover the cost of therapy. If we don't raise more money for Mike now, his therapy will stop.
Please help Mike continue to get stronger. A 49-year old man does not belong in a nursing home. We would like to raise $7,600 for his therapy needs. With your support, we know we can reach that goal. Every dollar you give is a seed of strength for Mike. Mike and his family thank you for your support, generosity and prayers.
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