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Help Trevor and Sara move away from horrible and unsafe living conditions and a terrible and verbally abusive landlord.

Our names are Sara and Trevor Wright we have lived at their current house for the past 2 years. Recently both myself (Sara) and my Mother, Donna have faced several health issues which have resulted in numerous trips to the er within the last month. We also help pay for my Mother's doctors visits and health care as she has sarcoidosis. My mother also had to have surgery in order to remove her gallbladder last month, which we helped pay for. We do not have insurance so all health related surgeries, prescriptions, er and doctor visits come out of our own pockets.

On June 20th, our landlord showed up unexpected (just two hours after I (Sara) was released from the er with an acute uti in both lower and upper urinary tracts - though the landlord said that she didn't care at all about my health problems or my mothers, which she knew about ) with two strangers in tow and dropped the bomb that she had sold the house out from underneath us.

We had no idea anything was wrong or that she was even planning to sell the house. She stated we needed to get out asap and threatened to evict us and warned us that an eviction will completely ruin us, but that she didn't care if she "ruined us."

Both she and the new owners stated they will not rent to us and don't care if we live on the streets, we just need to "get our s**t and get the F out." To add insult to injury, both the new owners and the current landlord began to curse at us, insult us and threatened to “make our lives a living Hell" until we move. They took to bullying and harassing us in an effort to make us move quicker.
The landlord and "new owners" have taken to calling the cops and asking them to "check on us" because they cannot reach us and are worried about our well being, (even though they have been in touch with us and know very well we are here and safe) just to have the police officers come out and stress us out, as well as calling codes inspectors, animal control, etc to come out..They do this to make our lives harder so that we will move sooner. They even have the neighbor who is a friend of theirs spying on our every move and calling her with frequent updates every time we leave our house. The harassment has really taken a toll on us resulting in numerous anxiety attacks and many, many tears.

The house also has poor living conditions that have seemed to only get worse over the past 6 months. The electric in the house has gone bad resulting in half of the electric in the house (both bathrooms, half of our bedroom, half of the kitchen, the dishwasher, the outlet behind the washing machine, several power sockets thru out the house and the front porch) to not work. It also has problems with the plumbing, if you touch the vent above the stove or the plug behind the stove you get a nasty shock and there are multiple leaks in the ceiling through out the house. We have already had to replace all of the kitchen appliances that were originally in the house because they broke, as well as fix a broke pipe in the well and the front gate that was just laying on the ground when we moved in. This was all very costly to fix, or attempt to fix in some cases (the electric for example). The landlord is aware of this, but has refused to do anything about any of this and has allowed the house to fall into disarray. Our dream home has now become our nightmare that we are now trying to escape from!

We are going to be moving asap and have even found a really nice house that we absolutely love. Our problem now is that this has come as such a shock and such short notice that we have a month to come up with the first month's rent and down payment on the house to move in which is $1,200, as well as money for a rental truck in order to move our belongings.
At the moment my husband (Trevor) doesn't work. He has been looking and has went to several interviews, but has not found a job yet. So currently my income is what is going to move us and we are struggling to figure out a way to come up with the amount we need to move within a month.

We are hoping that thru this site we might get the assistance we need to get the money it takes to move out of this house and away from the stress and anxiety that our landlord is currently causing us. I (Sara) have anxiety disorder and everything she is putting me thru is definitely not helping! Every little bit helps and we appreciate it all. This is going to be our fresh start to life, we just need a little help on the path to true happiness.

Thank you so much for reading this.
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