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The family and friends of Carlos and Ines are uniting to raise money to help with her battle with cancer. Please show your support!!

When most people see those online dating commercials they think there is no way they actually work but Carlos and Ines are living proof that love can be found on the internet. When they first met, Carlos lived in Miami and Ines lived in Argentina. After months of trying, Carlos finally convinced Ines to come to Miami and meet him, and they never looked back. Like many great love stories, there have been ups and downs, and unfortunately for them they are currently in one of the "downs".

Ines was diagnosed a year ago with lung cancer. We were frightened at first but we promised them that we were going to provide them with support anyway we could. Carlos stood by his vows and accompanied her to every doctor’s appointment. At first, this was not a problem because he had accumulated a few extra vacation days, and he did not hesitate to use them so that he could be by his wife during this tough time. The problem was that these days were not infinite and eventually came to an end. This did not mean that Carlos would stop going to the doctors appointments, it just meant that he would miss work and try to make up the hours on another day. As the treatment went on complications arouse making the bumpy road a little bit bumpier. These complications meant more doctors appointments, and these doctors appointments of course lead to more medical bills.

With Carlos missing so much work, the medical bills began to build up but this was not going to discourage him from being with his wife when she needed him most. Many nights he would stay up with her until 4 a.m. and then woke up at 6 a.m. to go work. If things were not difficult enough, Carlos is a mechanic and these months that he was only getting 2 hours of sleep were during the summer when the weather in Miami is unbearable. Eventually the lack of work and the increased bills caught up to them. We did whatever we could to help relieve the situation but it could only go so far. Like many families in this situation we came to the realize that no matter how much love and support we gave them it would not help them pay for the bills . Of course, the expenses have become more than just medical. The harsh reality is that life does not stop when you are diagnosed with cancer. The mortgage still has to get paid, electricity has to be kept on, and water is needed to do the dishes.

Like Carlos keeping his promise to his wife, our family has continued to keep our promise to them. We came up with the idea to create a fundraising website to provide some much needed relief to them during this tough time.

Please make a donation and help us keep our promise to Carlos and Ines. Thank you for all of your support!!!!

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