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To benefit Jack Levee's medical costs and other medical expenses not covered by insurance.

Have you met Jack?
Because if you have, you would know he requires no introduction. But for those of you who haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting him, let me attempt to convey his true uniqueness and unbelivable energy. He begged our mom to allow him to dye his hair "Monster energy drink"-green, one summer. He often could be found cooking sticky rice or one of his other favorite foods (usually buttered pasta or some type of meat) at anytime around the clock. He adores cooking, and is AMAZING at it. He is a very talented epee fencer, an avid X box player and an excellent card player. He is, to say the least, a music connoisseur. His passion and knowledge for music, of all types, is beyond impressive. These things are only a small fraction of the reason Jack is loved by so many.

In the very early hours of Monday June 25, 2012 he began to experience breathing difficulties. He attempted to use his rescue inhaler and nebulizer to combat his symptoms, as he has done for many years. Jack has struggled with severe asthma all his life, and is well versed in how to handle himself. But this time it was different, it wasn't getting better regardless of what he did. He woke our mom, who then began to try and help open his airway. By this time the whole house was awake, and in a panic. Jack told Tom, his brother-in-law, that he may have had peanuts. Jack suffers from an extreme allergy to peanuts. Tom then injected Jack with an Epi pen. Jack, almost immediately, had a seizure. My mother and I determined he was no longer breathing, and we began to administer CPR. After the longest 16 minutes of our lives, the EMTs arrived and took Jack to Upper Chesapeake Hospital. Jack went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital. He was flown from Upper Chesapeake to University of Maryland Hospital, where he went into cardiac arrest a second time. He was admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) and is now deemed to be in "critical, yet stable" condition.

Jack's brain went without oxygen for a period of time. The damages that this may have caused are unknown. But we do believe that Jack WILL WAKE UP!!! And he WILL BE our energetic, confident, sarcastic, comical, genuine, good-hearted, talented, artistic, ornery, but loving Jack AGAIN!!

During this time, my siblings and I, believe that the only concern my parents should be faced with is Jack's journey to recovery. We are hoping to raise money to help make that possible. Thank you for your help, even if it is just by sending prayers!! Jack, and my parents, truly need all of our support!

Audra, Tom, Allison, and Abbey
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