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The funds will be used for Mary's Aortic Valve replacement medical costs and related expenses not covered by insurance.

Just about 34 years ago I was born with a hole in my heart. The hole did grow smaller and surgery was not needed.

Over the years every doctor who ever listened to my heart heard a murmur, and they were all unconcerned with what they heard. Then I started to have more "symptoms" like shortness of breath, during exercise or when you are lying in bed, constant tiredness or fatigue, coughing at night or when in bed, fluttering heart palpitations, chest pain (tightness, angina), feeling dizzy and the list can go on (mind you these are the SAME symptoms I have had since I was 16) the damaged valve was finally found a week before my 30th birthday.

Where most people normally have a tricuspid (three leaflet) aortic valve I have a bicuspid (two leaflet) aortic valve. They estimated 5 years till I'd have to have open heart surgery to replace the valve. I am grateful that my defect was finally found. My doctor finally took the time to see if the murmur was anything serious. From that point on I learned how to better care for myself and started to prepare for the time that was to come when my cardiologist would tell me that it was time to replace the valve.

Unfortunately, it’s just about that 5 year mark, and I’ve been told that it’s time. One can only mentally, physically and financially prepare so much.

If you have any questions, or suggestions or just need to contact me please e-mail at I have set the end date of the fundraiser on my 34th birthday.

If you want to send a donation an address will be added at a later date.

All your generous contributions, thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated!!

Thank you all SO Much!!
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