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The Raela Fund. Raela needs hyposensitization shots for multiple environmental allergies, medical and food expenses. Help Heal Raela!

Raela is a wonderful, sweet girl. She is 8 years old and her immune system changed drastically sometime late last year. UPDATE: Raela is healing due to the medicine and feeding her 3- 4 x a day. She did have a massive amount of blood loss in late August due to a hole in her left hind leg, in the raw skin. Dr. Kerr could not suture the hole since there was no skin there. I bandaged it in a way that it would stay on so it would not continue to happen. She was really weak and listless for a few days. Now, she has gained some weight and her skin is coming back. This is temporary healing due to the medicine. She will still need the hyposensitization shots as soon as possible in order for this to not happen again. ___________________________________ She was missing about 25 - 30 % of her skin and fur. Dr. Brad Kerr, her veterinarian, diagnosed her with allergies. We did the test, thanks to a wonderful friend who donated enough funds for her allergy blood test. She has multiple allergies to environmental things and multiple food allergies. She is just hanging in there. I have to cook her food and feed her 3 - 4 x a day because she has lost so much weight, due to fluid loss. I have not found a dry food that accommodates Raela's needs. Cooking food and giving her specific foods for her particular issues costs about $3-5 a day. As you can imagine, this is something I cannot afford. This does not take into account the bandages changed daily, vitamins, cod liver oil, probiotics and digestive enzymes she needs to help her get well. She should be tested for more foods in order for us to move forward and find a dry food she is able to eat. I have washed Raela's bedding every single day, due to the massive amount of fluid loss. The added laundry and cooking expenses will surely show up in the utility bill. Dr. Kerr and I agreed that prednisone and antibiotics were a last resort, temporary treatment, to heal the raw skin until I can raise the funds for the hyposensitization shots. Raela is on prednisone once again to heal her skin and until we can raise the funds for the shots. Due to the raw skin Raela has had two incidents of severe bleeding. One was this morning at 6 AM. It was so profuse, that if I had not been home, she would have definitely bled to death. Please help so that I don't have to worry when I leave her to go to work. Raela needs hyposensitization shots to get well. Only 10 % of dogs have as many allergies as she has. The shots will cost $275 for the first 9 month supply. The shots do not treat for food allergies. I also hope to work on her immune system to see if I can reverse some of the allergies if possible. Please help Raela to get well. You may contact Dr. Brad Kerr directly if you wish. Dr., Brad Kerr Wellspring Animal Hospital 3150 Wrightsville Ave Wilmington, NC 28403 910-231-9089 Dr. Kerr is a truly wonderful vet. He is a tradtional veterinarian, who also practices Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and holistic veterinary care. I highly recommend him to anyone local. Other funds will be used for her antibiotics, food, vitamins, supplements to help rebuild her immune system that the meds are surely wrecking even more. The amount I am requesting is to cover vet, food and supplement and other costs for Raela for the next 6 - 9 months. I hope once the shots kick in that we will be doing better in all ways. I do have a carpet cleaner now that will help clean up the blood from the carpet. Thank you, Susie! Extra funds are needed to move. We need to move away from the carpet as soon as possible. Raela's #1 indoor allergy is to house dust mites, prevalent in carpet, no matter what. Please let me know if you know of someone that has a place that has no carpet. A house is prefered. Raela is great and healthy in every other way. She is happy and wags her tail every day. Thank you so much! Christina, Raela, Roxie and Nigel

Update:  Dec 6th:  Raela is still on prednisone, the dreaded steroid. It damages the immune system.  It's very important that we get the hyposensitization shots.

I reduced the fund amount greatly, so that we can at leat have enough to get the shots and cover a few of the expenses.  I am out of all the vitamins, cod liver oil and other things needed to help her.  Raela has gained some weight.  She is able to eat one particular dry food now.  She has some skin, finally, and the black skin is diminishing slowly.  BUT THIS DOES NOT STAY THIS WAY, if she is off prednisone.  So, the shots are a huge priority.   I will be glad to show photos to anyone interested.  

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