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I am committed to never stopping my journey of improving Dylan's symptoms. Where there is a will, there is a way...Let's find that way!

Dylan was diagnosed with infantile autistic disorder at age 2. He also has sensory processing dysfunction, motor delay, metal toxicity, gastro-intestinal issues and environmental damage to his brain and body. When Dylan was two, all he did was bang his head against furniture or the floor and was completely checked out of the world. Nothing I do could get through to him and he just stared. Dylan is now 5 and has been on a long journey of internal recovery. Since taking him to The Center for Restorative Medicine, he has turned into a happy boy. He no longer bangs his head, his GI issues are under control, toxins are being pulled from his body, and he is starting to talk. At age 3 he tested at below a 3 month level for cognitive responses. He now can follow directions, complete simple tasks, enjoy life, and even has begun teasing. My little boy's shell is being broken down piece by piece. I have done everything in my power to get everything that I see can help. Now I need to find a way to continue in this progressing direction. His doctor has been wanting us to use a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for treatment for the past few months now. It is a very expensive treatment and was at loss for a way to provide it. He finally convinced me to try it for free. Today my child, who never before would have been able to handle this, stayed in the chamber for an entire hour. By the end, he was laying down, just relaxing. I began to ask him to show me all his body parts. He was able to do this at 11 months of age, but lost this skill. Today, he showed me his mouth, his teeth, his eyes, his nose, his hair, his foot, and his belly! HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment) has shown to improve many autisic and other disabled kids. HBOT has shown to restore damage to brain cells from environmental/toxic damage, restore damage from autoimmune dysfunctions, GI inflammation, persistent yeast issues, and Cellular energy processing dysfunction....all of these Dylan has problems with. I'm going to continue trying to raise funds to help support this treatment. Every dollar helps. Thank you so much!
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