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Hi, My name is Corey Gaskell. I am looking to find genuine people who are willing to help me get to Costa Rica.

Imagine a child that is constantly neglected by their parents. Because of this neglect, the state of Massachusetts takes that child in their own hands and ships them to and from foster homes and residential programs. So many kids like this child grow up in the worst conditions and become homeless, drop out of school, do drugs, and end up dying young, but not him.

My name is Corey Gaskell. I have lived a life that you wouldn't believe. It may have scarred me and shattered my dreams of ever having a "normal" life, but I am holding strong.

At age 3, I was taken out of my home by DCF because my parents were neglecting me and abusing me. I returned back 1 year later because my mom had "seen the light" and had gone to a psyche hospital.

It went ok, I guess. My father was not supposed to be in the picture, according to DCF, but he was. He was a raging alcoholic and my mom was an enabler. He beat me and my sister to a pulp and made us feel scared of him; he even beat our mother. One time for fun, my dad told me to drink hot sauce (I didn't know what it was) and I did. My mouth was burning and he was hysterical. He told me that the only way to stop the pain was to drink water. You all know how that story ended.

My mom was different. She just didn't have a care in the world. While my father would take "vacations" away from us, she would just sit there. I would cry because I was starving and she would just hit me to quiet me down. She didn't work and collected disability from having a stroke. Her left hand was paralyzed.

I was taken out of "my" home when my mom had died of a stroke in Jan. 2002. My dad didn't want us, it would interfere with his ability to drink the day away. My sister and I bounced from program to program. I finally ended up in The Plummer Home for Boys in Salem, MA.

I am a senior in high school and am looking forward to a trip to Costa Rica. The trip is sponsored by my school. The cost is what is holding me back. I need to raise $2,800 to go. I wouldn't want to miss out on this chance to see another culture. Everyday, I wonder how far I will be able to go as a DCF kid. I want this trip to be something I will never forget. I may have lived a horrible life, but I have not been broken and I will carry on.

Please allow me to go on this mini vacation. Thank you all very much and bless you all,

Corey Gaskell

(p.s. I would have added more heart-wrenching things about my life, but it is too hard for me to even type this. I am sorry)
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