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Family and friends of Dimitri Sissakis are leveraging social media to help him in his battle against cancer. Please show your support!

My brother Dimitri (A.K.A Jim) was a super healthy and happy young 24 year old back in June of 2011. A happy young guy, living a normal life who was not even one year into his new career with Starwood Hotels & Resorts, but would soon be dealt a hand not even the most experts know how to play.

By mid June of 2011 Dimitri developed a simple dry cough which didn't just go away. After numerous doctor visits and X-rays, it was discovered he had a build up of fluid in the right lung. Doctors were quick to say its normal and probably due to his working out regiments. They prescribed some medications, but, unfortunately it didn't make it better.

On the eve of July 10, 2011 Dimitri decided it was time for another opinion and went into his local hospital. By 11:30 that night, the doctors had drained more than a pint of fluid from his right lung. The doctors advised that he would be admitted as the fluid that came out was indeed bloody, which was not normal. He would need a CT scan the next morning.

The next morning the CT scan was completed and Dimitri and his family waited anxiously for the result. At 7:30 on Monday July 11 a lung doctor came into the hospital room and advised us that they had found a mediastinal mass which was a tumour growing underneath his chest cavity and above his heart. In addition, the CT scan showed, showed several abnormal lesions in the lining of the right lung.

After countless biopsies and tests it was determined that the tumours were indeed malignant. The only problem was that, Doctors, could not tell us the "primary" of this cancer (where it started). The doctors were very stumped and told us this case in such a young person is extremely rare. One in hundreds of thousands was a number we heard from doctors.

My brother was given 4-5 months of chemotherapy in his hometown of Toronto that doctors tried to hopefully "guess'' which would make best fit. None worked. By the end of February of 2012, my brother was taken off from the chemotherapy and was told it wasn't working and the doctors were sorry. We were eventually sent to be interviewed for a trial drug, which my brother ended up not be a candidate for. We were left shattered and hopeless.

I decided that I would not give up this fight with my brother and he was simply too young to just lose hope on. We don't lose hope--and navigated for second opinions and further assistance in Scottsdale, AZ, where Dimitri now resides.

Fast forward to today May 28/2012 and my brothers cancer has spread to the liver, right lung, left lung. On May 6/2012 he had a tumour removed from his spine which had left him temporarily paralyzed from the waist down. That operation was successful and amongst all other challenges he must learn to walk again.

After numerous tests and some great healthcare received over the past months here in Arizona, doctors, still do not know the primary of this cancer but due to a DNA molecular profiling test that was completed, doctors have been able to identify 3 new chemotherapy drugs that fit Dimitri's case, of which, will soon be administered to hopefully contain and start shrinking the cancer.

For the first time in a long time, we have a plan.

The unfortunate reality of this all is, every test and doctor visit until now is out of pocket and extremely expensive. The medical bills will run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. We are trying to do everything we can to raise funds and help save my young 24 year old brothers life, with the help of some exceptional people here in Arizona, and you of course.

We do believe in miracles and we pray for one every single day.

May God bless you and your loved ones with health and happiness and we thank you for your time and support.

The family and friends of Dimitri Sissakis.
- Nectarios, Angelo & Helen

*If you would prefer to mail a check or make a cash donation, an "in trust" bank account is currently being established and details will be posted here shortly. Until that is established, please send an email to either of the following:
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