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This is to help get my daughter home with me. Please open your hearts and share some support and help. thanks

My name is Ashley. Im 20 years old and the mother of two beautiful children.
To start off I had my daughter Kaitlyn at 26 weeks gestation at 1.1 lbs. She was my little miracle. She stayed in the nicu from april 2010 to september 2010, fighting for her life and proving to the world she was meant to be here. One of my daughters biggest issues was eating. It took her til september to learn to eat from a bottle. She still wasnt very great and would silently asperate her food. She also had horrible acid refux but they sent her home. She was on 4 oz of milk and a tablespoon or cereal. (shortly after she got home i found out i was pregnant with my son.) After 3 weeks of kaitlyn getting home I saw she was gaining no weight. Everyone kept telling me I wasnt feeding her but I was. She ate everytime her eyes were open. I talked to the dotors kept telling them something was wrong with my child, and they kept sending me home telling me nothing was wrong she was great. Kaitlyn began showing signs of being sick so i took her to the er to see what was the matter and the er doctors looked her over and said she was fine. The next day I had her father and his gf at the time take her to the doctor to see if they could get anywhere. They admitted Kaitlyn she was dehydrated from throwing up her food and she was breathing so good. ( as i suspected) I got cps called on me, they claimed i wasnt feeding my child ( again i was but she was throwing it up and i took her to the doctor) They could inspect my house that day because i had to be at the hospital with kaitlyn and she said she would be out the next day to inspect it so kaitlyn could be released to me, but she never came out instead she had me sign a paper saying kaitlyn could go home with her dad until my house was checked..I got upset and called the cops to see if it was legal and they said no they would have someone to my house immed to check it and make sure everything was fine for her to come home and it was.

After a month passed by my mom flew out here because my grandmother got admitted to the hospital. She asked me if she could take kaitlyn for a month when i went into labor to have my son.

I agreed and she said I would have to give her 500 dollars for the ticket back. (Im in NC shes in HI) I didnt have that money at the time so I agreed. She had me sign a paper giving her temporary custody until dec 2011 just incase something was to happen when i was in labor but if not she would bring her back april 2011.

April came and went I kept trying to send my mom money, and she would tell me she couldnt bring kaitlyn home she didnt have the money or the time. and that i needed to have my licenses and my own place to live. ( i live with my grandfather and take care of him because he has bad diabetes and my grandmother just passed away.)

As the months passed i continued to ask her if i could send the money. I kept telling her how much i miss kaitlyn and just wanted to hold my baby girl ( I have missed everything her first word first steps, first hair cut first everything.) In november 2011 she told me i would have to pay for the whole ticket.
I dont work I have a son here and take care of my sick grandfather who i cant leave home alone. I cant lay out a thousand dollars for a ticket.

Her temp gaurdianship ran up in dec 2011, and i refuse to sign another one.
Cps wants to take my baby girl if i dont find a way out there or sign over another gaurdianship paper.
So im asking help from anyone who has a heart to help me get my daughter home..
I hate asking for help from anyone even my own family but i just want to raise my little girl and hold her..

please help. :(
I would appreciate it more than you would ever know.
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