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The family and friends of Jordan & Paige are uniting to raise money to help them with medical costs and related expenses.

My husband and I have two children that have a rare, life threatening heart condition. We found out about their situation in June 2005 and had no idea what we would all be enduring over the next several years that would change our lives forever. They have Long QT Syndrome - type 3, which causes the heart to take too long to fill up with blood in between the beats. So, if the heart needs to pick up pace, it doesn't know how to beat correctly and it can over compensate and go into tachycardia and result in massive cardiac arrest. Due to a history of Jordan, our son, passing out it was recommended that he have an ICD (implantable cardioverter defibrillator) implanted. After further DNA testing we found out that our daughter, Paige, also has the same genetic mutation and she had an ICD implanted as well. We also had to determine which parent this mutation was coming from and found out that it was my husband, Tim. From October 2005 through April 2008 we went through about 15 heart surgeries and also malfunction of devices. After Jordan's device malfunctioned he had to have surgery, in which he would flat line and had to be revived. A year and a half later we would almost lose Paige to Congestive Heart Failure. We have two amazing children that are much older than their years due to the severe issues they have had to deal with. We are now preparing for another surgery for Paige. She has a severe case of Pilonidal Cyst's and has to have them removed. Because of her heart condition there are added concerns to any surgery. I know that the Lord will guide us through this situation just like all of the ones we have already gone through. Until you have to go through trials like this, you can't even begin to imagine the strains it will put on a family. We know that without the Lord being with our family, we would not still be a family. We thank the Lord every day for providing for us in so many ways; with loving and supportive family, extended church families, unexpected packages at just the right time and the list goes on. We continue to struggle with the financial end of things. It's amazing how devastating unexpected medical expenses can be. Not just with the medical expenses themselves, but all the work that is missed makes it difficult to be able to just pay the every day typical bills, not to mention all the new ones that are rolling in.
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