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Raising money for Gimli, a dog who's family was severely affected by the recession, a dog that deserves a real chance.

Dear Animal Saviors,
I will keep this as simple as I can. My family’s dog, Gimili, is severely injured and needs help. Unfortunately our family cannot financially or physically provide all the care he needs to survive and retain his quality of life. Before we consider making the decision to put him down, I thought I’d give my friends and good Samaritans a chance to step in. One can get involved financially, or by volunteering.
Gimili is 8 years old. He is a purebred Australian Kelpie. He was born and raised by my family. He has lived most of his life as a beloved farm dog. He spends most of his day at home running around watching livestock, and helping out on the farm. His personality is extremely sweet and happy. He loves to cuddle, get belly rubs, and stare directly into your eyes and straight into your heart. He listens very well despite having difficulties with being hyperactive.
Gimili completely tore his Achilles tendon on his rear left leg. Despite being always happy to see people, it is clear he is in pain. Imagining your Achilles tendon rupturing can put that pain into perspective. It was caused from a laceration type injury from an unknown source. For anyone more interested in the medical side of the situation, here are two really great links to a website and a scientific article describing Gimili’s situation in great detail, and is very interesting.

Thanks to donations Gimli went to the Willamette Veterinary Hospital and got an official diagnosis and is now going under home treatment with pain medication and anti-inflammatory medicine.

Here is how you can help:

Tramadol- 25$/bottle
Rimadyl - 36$/bottle
Advanced Joint Supplements- 25$/bottle

Surgery Options:
Tendon Repair - 2,000$ for surgery + 1000$ recovery
Leg Amputation- 1,150$ surgery

Dog Food Donations
Soda Cans/Beer Bottle Donations (We would return them to make money from the Deposit Return)
Other misc. from the "Wish List"

Obviously we would like to raise enough money for the Tendon Repair. If we do not, the leg amputation will still save his life, and dogs do very well on 3 legs.
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