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Please consider donating to my friend Vyckie Garrison so she and the youngest five children can stay in their home.

No Longer Quivering's founder, Vyckie Garrison, needs (and, in my opinion, *deserves*) our help!

In a recent Facebook chat conversation, Vyckie revealed to me that the home in which she is still raising 5 of her 7 children could soon be foreclosed on due to the financial fallout of her very messy divorce. 

I've known Vyckie Garrison for quite a long time now, and I took over the administration, daily operations and editing for No Longer Quivering once it became obvious that Vyckie's health was not stable enough for her to continue in her day to day work on No Longer Quivering due to the genetic condition which has been seriously exacerbated as a result of the multiple pregnancies and childbirth imposed on her by the Quiverfull "pro-life" teachings. (The disease was also inherited by three of her children, those who know Vyckie's story are aware that one of her daughters has had almost two dozen surgeries through Shriners Children's hospital and continues to suffer the disabling affects of Multiple Congenital Exostosis She makes no money from NLQ

She's been a great inspiration to many, one of the first to come out of fundamentalist Quiverfull Christianity and help others heal from the emotional and spiritual wounds they suffered. It has been her passion since escaping. 

I want to help Vyckie, but don't happen to have $23, 411 laying around at my disposal after having put two kids through college. I can't do it alone. This is where you come in.

Iso decided to find a way for NLQ to repay or, at least show gratitude for the passion, blood, sweat, tears, sleepless nights and other things Vyckie has done to help others escape and recover from spiritual abuse. I know I have a deep gratitude for the support she's given freely to dozens of former QFers who've come to No Longer Quivering for help in escaping and recovering from spiritual abuse. She's poured her life into the website and support group, as well as helping other Quiverfull walkaways to establish their own websites in order to increase awareness of the problem of spiritual abuse: The Spiritual Abuse Survivor Blogs Network at NLO. In honor of Vyckie's hard work helping others I have started a crowdfunding campaign as a project of NLQ to raise the money necessary to save Vyckie's house. Vyckie has agreed to allow me to share this part of our FB chat conversation in order to let others know about her desperate situation.

Here are her own words. Some parts have been edited out to protect the privacy of her children.

"When we got divorced, [my ex-husband] hired the most expensive lawyer ever - one who has a reputation for never losing a case. He and his family and the Quiverfull home church he was involved with tried to take away my parental rights. They hid my kids from me so I couldn't see or talk to them for almost 6 weeks. They threatened to get me for abandonment because I'd run off to Kansas City in a desperate attempt to get a chance to think. So we got to court and it was obvious that his lawyer was on MY side - he got me full legal and physical custody of all 6 kids. But then when it came to the money ... he totally earned his keep for [my ex-husband]. He got all the assets, I got all the debts, plus I had to take out a loan on my house to buy him out for his half of the house. So all the kids, all the debt, none of the money. 

On top of all that, I had to give up the Christian family newspaper which was our primary means of support, since I no longer believed in most of what the paper stood for. Plus, with the physical problems I was having ... I couldn't work. I did good to keep food on the table. When it got to the point in which I had to choose between groceries and paying off the debt, I quit paying the credit cards. I haven't paid 4 credit cards in 5 years. I know that's bad, but if I told you the whole story, you would not judge me over it. LOL

Anyway, long story short: I recently got a judgment against me from two creditors - which means they have what they need to put a lien on my property and then foreclose on my house. I'm getting worried because I have contracted with a debt counselor to settle my debts for about 1/2 of what I actually owe, but as soon as the agreement is reached, the money is due in full."

Vyckie has found that it's really hard for her to ask for help since she knows that things are tough all over and there are so many needs besides hers! She is checking into getting a home equity loan from the bank because her (modest, FMHA) house is mostly paid for, but with the judgments against her, her credit score is in the tank, so it's unlikely she will be able to get the loan.

i'm proud to say this courageous woman is my friend. She's struggled to support herself and her family after leaving the Quiverfull movement. While Vyckie has been instrumental in helping others she now needs help to stay in her home with her children.  It's why I'm asking you to help her, particularly if you've been helped by Vyckie and NLQ. 

Call to Action: Please donate as generously as you are able! Share a link to this page to let others know that our friend, Vyckie Garrison, whom many of us credit with providing us with the means of escape and recovery, desperately needs our help at this time.

For those of you outside of the USA who want to donate but cannot you can always give via Vyckie's Paypal account -

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