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I have a 40 yr old daughter [mother of two beautiful children, one 15 yr old daughter and 8 yrs old son] which are my grandkids.

Their Daddy died 5 yrs ago tragically and it's been very hard on her being a widow and the family. She hasn't been able to work due to all of her health issues. Epileptic seizures, lupus/ RA, and liver problems are some of the more serious health issues that she been dealing with. Within the last year she has been Blessed to marry a wonderful man that works many hours to keep bills paid. They were just recently Blessed to close on thier first home, but all of their hard earned income goes to mortgage, bills, the children's needs, her medical expenses and have nothing left for other things. They don't have much furniture, but that's okay. I wouldn't ask for anything, but they are in a predicament that I was suggested by a friend to see if others could help and I found this site. I and my daughter really have a hard time asking others for things, so this is very hard for me but I got the okay from her. She has a 1996 Nissan Sentra that has been breaking down constantly and they have had to spend a lot of money trying to fix all the problems that it has been having and last week and the AC quit working. With her seizures and other health issues, she can't get over heated and with this summer here it is hard to keep cool. Her and her husband were going to try to finance a car, but yesterday they found out that our air conditioner in our home has a huge leak in it and the freon or coolant is leaking fast. They are needing a new HVAC air conditioner that is estimated to cost approximately $7000- $9000. They had to spend a huge part of our savings just to get a tech to come look at it and put coolant in it. They don't have any idea how they are going to afford this and her and her kids are in a hot southern state that will get get hotter during the summer months. She won't be able to afford to get a car either. Her husband is working many hours to live paycheck to paycheck. So this is the situation that they are in and I pray that I'm not doing the wrong thing putting this out there and asking for help. I have tried many ways many times to help them and her but my wife passed away just last year and I am a 69 yr old granfather that has little income and medical bills and health issues of my own that are very challenging. I also live 3 states away and can only be there for them when I can. I normally don't share all this with others, but she has been battling so many hardships over the years and I with so much Love for her and her family are all I have and I just ask for some consideration in these circumstances and I have faith that there is many kind, compassionate folks out there that would love to help with a worthy cause. I just would love to finally see them doing more than just surviving and able to live happily in there first home as a family. I want to make it clear that I am not doing any of this to take advantage of folks and your kind hearts. I was given this suggestion to put her story out there and pray and see what God can do through people. I Thank-you anyone for taking the time to read this and for your understanding. Any money or donations would be greatly appreciated and used toward a car with air and an an HVAC air/ heater to be installed. I Love a lot and any day I pray I can help others in ways that God gives me the opportunity to. May God Bless all of you in every way every day and Happy Memorial Weekend...
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