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Cookies for iPads is a group of mothers who bake and sell cookies to help provide iPads to nonverbal children with autism.

Where a little sugar is tossed with flour and baked perfectly at 350 to create hope for a child! We provide the sounds of sweetness around here ;) Cookies for Ipads- Giving Children With Autism A Voice. "Where every penny gives a word to a silent child."
Please donate today and help provide a child with a voice. You can make the impossible, Possible!

Imagine if your child or grandchild never had the ability to say "I love you" or to tell you that something is hurting. Imagine if they didn't have the ability to show emotion, or the chance to be like every other child, because they were locked away in a world of silence, with seeming no way out. Then imagine if someone knocked on your door and said "Hello. I would like to offer your child the ability to do all of these things, and all I need from you is $500 plus tax." What would you say. You don't need to answer, I already know. You are like me, you would say I will do anything. That is just what this momma did.
In July of 2011 after receiving an autism diagnosis on my 5 year old son, I began to do major amounts of research seeking out any sort of treatment that could possibly help him. I could deal with everything, but I couldn't handle him not being able to communicate. The more I researched, the more I read that early intervention was key for these children.The normal methods of ABA or Floor Time therapy, which can run into thousands of dollars a week was now being revolutionized by a gadget I knew all about. An Apple Ipad!!! Several developers from across the U.S. have created applications for ABA therapy at home, voice communication applications, Phonics apps, etc. The more I read, the more I was sold. Ipads were doing amazing things for autistic children and my little guy was going to have one. There were applications for children who were non-verbal to moderately verbal, giving them a tool that was giving them the ability to speak in applications such as Proloquo 2, I chat, One voice, just to name a few. I was a momma on a mission. I didn't have the suggested $800 that autism sites were suggesting parents of autistic children would need to get set up, and I didn't care. I would find it! I began fundraising and so did my family and before I knew it, Chase met his goal and received his Ipad!! I began learning about all of the special needs applications through A gentleman by the name of Gary James has litterally applied his life to helping families with special needs children receive Ipads and applications!! He is my hero...have I mentioned that!lol
One night while lying in bed, thinking about Chase's fundraiser, I was overcome with grief. The realization that I wasn't the only person lying in bed trying to figure out how to give my child the key to unlock the door of the silent world that held him prisoner was overwhelming to me. So many children are being diagnosed that doctors are literally baffled. They have no answers. How could I raise money for my child to have an Ipad when so many others were in the same situation. At that very moment I decided I would be their voice one way or another! From that, my idea of Cookies for Ipads came to fruit. I decided, since I was a cookieaholic, that I would share my love for the divinity of sugar and baking with everyone in a way that they would never forget the word autism or the silent children it holds hostage everyday. I emailed friends asking each of them to donate cookies and offered them the cookie cutter. There was only one rule..the cookie had to be made with the puzzle shaped cookie! After all this was about making NOISE for autism! Our first bake sale we made over $859 with one donated Ipad, we then added that to my son's fundraiser money providing 3 Ipads to 3 awesome angels!! Thats 3 kids who now have a voice! We have had 2 donated, bringing our list to 6 more kids in need. Our list is growing by the day. I receive emails daily from mothers asking what they can do and how they can help to get their kids on the list! Please help us make some noise by donation today. It can be a penny,$1,$5,$10,$100,$1000 (Ok I can dream big!) Every penny counts. My favorite thing to say is "Every penny equals one more word that a silent child will be able to speak!) Now count your pennies and that is how many words you can provide to a silent child! You CAN make a difference! Thank you for your support and God Bless you all. Please find us for updates everyday on Facebook- Cookies for Ipads. 100% of the proceeds go to these children. I am doing this from my heart...just in case you were wondering ;)
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