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Jesse Hill is 26.He loves his family, friends, painting, and has a paasion for helping animals.Jesse has been diagnosed with his 2nd brain tumor,after surgery he will need radiation/chemo,he does not have insurance, so donations are very appreciated!

Jesse Hill is 26 years old, and he graduated from Lawrenceburg high school in 2003. Jesse worked at a pet store for 5 years, but is unemployed because of his employer going out of business. He loved his job and had a passion for helping people and animals. Jesse loves art and he recently learned how to use spray paint to make beautiful, detailed art. Jesse is a wonderful person, down-to-earth, laid back, and his friends would tell you he is one of the nicest people they have ever met. He gets along with every person he has met, and it is easy to say he will touch your life in some way if you were to meet Jesse. My name is Sallee Hill and my loving relationship with Jesse has lasted over ten years; we are high school sweet hearts, and we love each other today as much as the first day we met in the high school library. We were married on March 1, 2008. We are staying strong and positive during these difficult times, but without our family, friends, and prayer we would not have the strength we have today!
In 2008 Jesse had a grand mal seizure, and after being rushed to the hospital he was given a CT Scan. The scan showed an egg shaped mass on the right frontal lobe of his brain. After being in the hospital for 2 days we received a phone call that confirmed our worst fears; Jesse had a brain tumor. At this time Jesse did not have insurance so we were scared he would not receive the necessary treatments. Also at this time I was working, Sallee, and I had insurance through my employer, so with odds against us, we put our dream wedding behind us and decided to get married that weekend. So on March 1, 2008 our family put together a wonderful ceremony, and we were happily married. After the marriage we were faced with paper work, phone calls, but Jesse was finally approved through my insurance! It was truly an amazing feeling. The surgery lasted for 3 hours, and everything went perfect; we were truly blessed. After the surgery we found out that the tumor was beigne, and our prayers were answered.
In 2009 Jesse went for his yearly MRI and it came back clear, and our doctor told us we would have a 95% chance of this tumor never coming back, so naturally we put things behind us and tried to build our lives together as husband and wife.
In December of 2009 I, Sallee, lost my job, and I lost my insurance, so Jesse was not able to have his MRI. Because we were both unemployed we were finally able to apply for Medicaid in May of 2010. As some may know it takes time for Medicaid to approve, and unfortunately it was too late. At the end of June Jesse had another seizure, while he was home by himself; it was a blessing he was ok, but we scheduled the MRI, while our Medicaid was pending. After the MRI we received another dreaded call and found out Jesse had another mass on his right frontal lobe. We were devastated, we thought it would not come back, it was so unexpected.
The next step was to see the neurosurgeon, which is when we heard news we never expected. His doctor informed us that there was not a 95% chance it would not come back, there was a 95% chance that it would come back again, he also told us after looking at his previous tumor records the tumor board decided that the tumor was malignant in 2008, and Jesse should have been receiving radiation treatments. I do not know if we would be in this position if we would have received the right information the first time, but I do know going from extreme to another was devastating. Now Jesse has no insurance and Medicaid is taking their time approving him, while his doctor insisted he needed to have the surgery, now it’s been a week ago. We have been trying to get this approved for almost a month now, and nothing has happened. His doctor will not do surgery without insurance, and Medicaid will not approve him right away, although this is a medical emergency. Jesse has a malignant brain tumor that could be getting worse because he has no insurance. We are praying either the Medicaid goes through, or the doctor decides to do the surgery while his case is pending. We are fighting everyday to get this surgery scheduled, but the battle has just begun. Jesse will need radiation, chemotherapy, and follow-up appointments; he also had his unemployment cut-off because he will not be able to work during or after his surgery, and the expenses are well beyond our means of income.
Jesse is a wonderful person and his truly appreciative of everything in his life. He is so positive through all the chaos, he laughs every day, and never takes anything for granted. Support through donation, prayers, or thoughts are appreciated more than you know. Thank you to everyone for reading Jesse’s story.

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