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Ani Haykuni, 30 years old forester, lovely sister, friend and mentor was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

My name is Ani Haykuni. I am from Argel, Armenia.
In June 2015, I was accepted into the MBA program of the University of Oxford for 2015-2016. I secured full funding through government and private scholarships. It was a life changing opportunity for me to obtain invaluable knowledge and experience. A month later I was diagnosed with triple positive HER2+ breast cancer with high aggressiveness.
In Armenia, insurance doesn't cover breast cancer treatment costs. The cost of the treatment is $40,000, which includes chemotherapy, surgery, radiation and check ups. This is in case when the average salary is about $200. I work in two places, however, my annual income does not even cover 10% of the total costs.
I'm full of hope and inspiration, and won't stop fighting the disease.

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