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The family and friends of Christine & Dirk are uniting to raise money to help with her battle against Lupus & Lupus Cerebritis . Please help

I have SLE lupus , and have had it all my life, and this has been a great battle, and it is now effecting my brain! This has cost us a lot of money over the years due to medical cost (now since the lupus has started in my brain, I have to get IVIG treatments every week to slow the progression of the disease, this treatment cost $8,000.00 a week , and is helped pay for until the insurance runs out, but this money will also help pay for this needed treatment, and the $400.00 in medications needed each month to fight the SLE Lupus battle. We had to make a trip to Mayo clinic per the doctors orders and that trip and my medical bills was put on our credit card to assure I got the care I needed but when the credit card laws was to come into effect they doubled our interest rate on our cards which made them out of pay off reach and made payments to high, so to help get them off the high interest we tried to get a equity loan but with the economy we found out our house value dropped too much and could not get a loan because of it. Then as our bills begun mounting, someone stole from our checking account last year and left us $7.00. As the bank takes up to 60 days to investigate before we are told if we get any money back. During that 60 days our bills became late and late fees added up and by time the bank return some of our money the cost of the bills was to high for us to pay off and have been battling that since. So we are not sure where to turn, and now my husband got lay off as a carpenter. Although our carpenter's union insurance bank will keep us in medical insurance for several months, my husband has looked around and there is no work at all and looks that way for a long time and has started looking around for other work and can not find any jobs. So I am doing this to help Dirk , help with the medical bills and battle, and help the family. Dirk has been at my side through all my health issues and all the bills it has caused us. He has worked everyday without complaint, no vacation day, no sick days, just to assure our family gets by. Now he can not find work, I want to ask for help because my disease cause us so much, and he has been at my side through this, I want to be at his side to help us through this. So now we don't know what is gonna happen to us because with our bills we was just getting by before he was lay off, and sure could use some blessings to come our way to help us cover our household bills and help with the medical bills, and that is why I have done this program.This amount would help pay the bills of household and medical up to date. Thank you and god bless!
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